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Adolescent Health

Slides accompanying plenary on teenagers

Adolescent Health and Development Seminar Slides

Seminar given in Portsmouth covering adolescent health and development and transition

Alcohol and Addiction

6-10 January - Introduction Slides

Arthritis by Dr Karen Walker-Bone

Slides accompanying plenary

Atopic Eczema

Slides to accompany plenary by Dr Reid

Basic medical education: present and future trends

Lecture slides accompanying session, covering: the BM programmes and the changing context in which we work; the educational principles underpinning the programmes; some educational theories/models; how to start thinking about your career

Bipolar Affective Disorder

PPT Bipolar Affective Disorder Dr Marianne Gemmeke

Bipolar Affective Disorder

PowerPoint presentation

Breaking Significant news

A very short summary of things to consider when breaking significant news by John Perry

Breast Surgery

Talk given during the lecture day


No description.

CHild Health Teaching Video - thinking about different presentations and approaches

We did an nline teaching session in which we talking through a focussed history and examination in a range of paediatric conditions. Students should have a go at construction their own approach to these, and then see how we got on. They can then look at the powerpoints that all the students collaboratively put together

COPD and Mental Health

Two articles on COPD and Mental Health: a) Strategies to improve anxiety and depression in patients with COPD: a mental health perspective b) Mental disorders in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Case Discussion Guidance for PPD

Overview of the sorts of questions and things we want to think about in the Final Year PPD tutorials

Child Protection/child safeguarding lecture

Slides provided at seminar in Portsmouth by Dr Jo Crane

Childhood Obesity

No description.

Chronic Pain and Mental Health

A major new review suggests that around 28 million adults in the UK are affected by some type of chronic pain (pain that lasts for more than three months).

Clinical Thinking

Slides to Support Series of Talks by Dr Rodd for students in HHFT

Commsite Videos

Commsite: a resource to help communication skills. Providing videos and other resource items created by students for students

Commsite Videos

Commsite: a resource to help communication skills. Providing videos and other resource items created by students for students


Commsite: a resource to help communication skills. Providing videos and other resource items created by students for students

Communicating Uncertainty

A podcast by Dr Jane Wilkinson discussing the challenges of communicating with patients and relatives when the diagnosis is not clear


Communication skills in the Psychiatric interview

Communication Skills Guidance

Summary written by John Perry on tips to remember when thinking about communication skills

Communication and depression

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the A-B-C model; thinking errors; survival mode vs competency mode; the stressor-response chain

Communication skills - an introduction

Slides accompanying session introducing communication skills, covering: benefits of good communication skills; barriers to effective communication; patient-centred communication skills

Communication skills, body language and non-verbal communication

Slides accompanying session on body language and non-verbal communication

Compassionate Spiritual Care

Slides to accompany plenary by Rev Karen MacKinnon

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Slides to accompany plenary

Conclusion 2020

No description.

Conflict Resolution

Dealing with difficult situations including violence


Slides to accompany Dr Vicki Osman-Hicks talk

Dementia Plenary by Dr Osman-Hicks

Slides accompanying plenary covering: the epidemiology of dementia; diagnosis and cognitive tests for dementia; types of dementia; neuroimaging signs; key medication and management


Slides to accompany plenary on Diabetes

Digital professionalism

Slides for IT, eLearning & digital professionalism session

Disability case studies from recent media:

Please look at in advance of Disabilities week; Slides looking at case studies of media coverage of disability,

Doctor-Patient communication styles: past, present and future.

Slides accompanying symposium, looking at different styles of doctor-patient consultations

Doctor/patient interaction styles: speaking the patients' language

Notes accompanying lecture on doctor/patient interaction styles

Downs week screening discussion

worksheet to bring on the day

Downs week video Discussion worksheet

Questions to discuss on the day


No description.

Emotional intelligence and wellbeing

Slides accompanying lecture

Final Year PPD timeline and guidance for Tutors and Students

This document gives students and facilitators the timeline for their tutorial, and a template to be used as they prepare for the case discussion in week 2-3

First impressions count

Day one of a job, and communication breaks down

Ground Rules for Group Activities Winchester 2014

Ground Rules for Group Activities Winchester 2014

Heart disease and mental health

Website link:

How Mental Health affects Physical Health

Website link:


No description.

Improving Access to Psychological therapies (IAPT) NHS website

Information retrieval - session 1

Introduction to academic resources for medicine critical selection of web resources Plagiarism and Referencing

Introduction to Alcohol and Addiction

This gives an overview of the area, core concepts that students need to be aware of and an understanding of how the week has been constructed to ensure students understand the mutifactorial nature of this complex clincal problem

Introduction to Difficult Conversations

Lecture by Mrs Natalie Chand 2019

Introduction to Final Year PPD Block 1

The first block of the final year PPD module looks at Communication, Partnership and Teamwork. This is a short introductory audio

Introduction to Medicine Elderly Care module

Slides by Prof Helen Roberts

Introduction to Pain Week

Contains 1. Overview of the field 2. Case (video) 3. Supporting information for the case 4. Resources for the supporting information a. Sciatica Option Grid b. NICE neuropathic pain pathway c. Startback d. Pain Management Programmes information 5. REsources for introductory lecture a.CMO England report on Pain

Introduction to Palliative Care

Slides accompanying plenary

Introduction to Trauma and Orthopaedics

Introduction to Trauma and Orthopaedics, talk 2020

Introduction to Year 3

Introduction to Year 3 by Mr Brian Birch, 2020

It can't do any harm

No description.

Key Models of understanding Mental Health Problems

Short descri[tion of the five models used to make causal atributions in formulations

Lung cancer and stigma

Slides accompanying session examining the concept of stigma using lung cancer as an example

MDT working with long term conditions

Presentation given by Hannah Clarke 16/10/2018

MHN Key Facts and Trends Factsheet

Mental Health Network Key Facts and Trends Factsheet.

MSE Form

This is a form with tick boxes for the most common psychopathologycal presentations. It is a useful way to do a MSE pointing by numbers. If you use it, try to learn what each of the words means. It was developed by Jeff Patrick

Medicine eLearning

Slides for IT, eLearning & digital professionalism - Dr Andy Pulman Session (1)

Mental State Examination Glossary

This is a comprehensive decument with brief descriptions of the meaning of the terms commonly used in a menatl state examination. It was developed by ACCESS Behavioural Science

Midwives presentation to BM4 First year students Oct 2015

an overview of pregnancy and the management of normal Labour

Midwives presentation to BM4 Yr 1 students Oct 17

An overview of pregnancy and the management of normal labour

Motivating Behaviour Change

Presentation for BM5 3rd year 'Breaking the Cycle' lecture

Motivational interviewing

Slides accompanying lecture on motivational interviewing, covering: general principles of motivational interviewing; key skills; Prochaska and DiClemente's Stages of Change module

Obesity Overview Lecture

Lecture by Mrs N Chand

PPD Block 1 Week 6 video

Final year PPD module, week 6 video (block 1)

Paediatric Consultation

Week 1 seminar delivered in Portsmouth. Covers challenges of involving children in consultations

Pain - Normal and Patho-Physiology

Exploring perceptions and experiences of pain

Peer teaching initiative

Slides accompanying session on peer teaching, looking at communication skills and feedback

Perils of bed rest

2019 slides by Dr Stephen Lim

Personal Professional Development

Lecture slides from the PPD introduction (3/10/17)

Physical activity and health (part 2): The Secrets to Getting Active

Trends in physical activity, barriers and enablers of change, interventions for individuals and populations

Practical impact of Downs syndrome, development and associated conditions

Powerpoint lecture, practical impact of Downs syndrome, Child development, milestones and associated conditions

Professional boundaries and behaviour

This document is not only for your psychiatry attachment, but can be referenced for all your clinical placements in healthcare environments. It includes and professional standards of behaviour and dress; communication with patients; your attendance on placements; and personal safety guidance for clinical areas and with patients. You MUST read this document as part of your induction programme.

Psychology of Addiction

Introduction to psychological aspects of additive behaviour


Lecture about Psychosis symptoms and case studies

Pushy or Passionate?

Final Year PPD podcasts - Block 1, Dr Ian Rodd Speaks about a difficult issue in communication


No description.


Resilience Year 3

SSU1 Health Promotion, theories and practice

This lecture covers Health Promotion: theories, principles of practice and politics of improving health and well being


Overview of history, presentation and treatment

Short PPD tutorial Outline

1 Page notes for facilitators of the final year PPD tutorials

Smoking Cessation

Slides to accompany Plenary by Julia Robson

Start of Life Handout

Lecture by Dr Jo Turner 2018

The Critically Ill Patient

No description.

The Medical interview

Introduction to communicating with patients. Dr Jo Turner 2018

The Surgical Module

Year 3 2019-20

The confused patient

Slides accompanying ICE on ageing and dementia, looking at assessment, diagnosis and management for delirium

The neurological examination

Slides describing how to carry out a neurological examination, assessing mental state, cranial nerves, upper and lower limbs

Timeline of pregnancy Oct 17

Part of midwives presentation

Tutorial Guidance for Final Year PPD module

Basic structure to the tutorial - not an exhaustive rigid guide!

Under nutrition in older people

Slides accompanying ICE on Ageing and Dementia

Ups not Downs

Link to a video showing the life of a young boy with Downs syndrome and his Family

What is Patient Safety

No description.

What to say and what not to say in Down's Syndrome

A glossay of commoonly used acceptable terms produced by the Down's Syndrome Association

What you need to know about screening

Information about screening, including definitions, requirements, and advantages and disadvantages.

Whole person medicine in practice

Slides accompanying session on whole person medicine, covering: communication skills; the impact on a consultation of considering the whole person; psychosocial and spiritual aspects of a patient; pastoral care for students

Written Complaint to Dr Rodd

This letter was received by the Trust, and supports the Video and SJT style questions at the beginning of the Communications block of the final year PPD module

Year 3 Assessment and Feedback

Presentation by Dr Bruce McManus

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