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Alcohol and Global Health

Prof Paul Roderick

An introduction to epidemiological methods

Slides accompanying lecture covering: common epidemiologic studies; advantages and disadvantages of common study designs; types of error that may influence interpretation of study findings; Bradford Hill criteria

Bones, muscles and falls

Slides accompanying lecture on osteoporosis and falls prevention

Brief interventions in smoking cessation

Powerpoint presentation given by Claire Townsend Nov 17

Brief introduction to public health and epidemiology

Slides accompanying lecture covering: an overview of public health; how epidemiology is used in clinical practice; different types of prevention; the requirements of an effective screening programme

CVS risk, Who do you think you are?

A session aimed to give an idea of how the practice of 'Evidence based Medicine' shapes clinical practice

Cardiovascular disease: a risky business

Risk factors for cardiovascular disease

Cheap smokes - what's the real cost?

Portsmouth campaign brief for 'Illegal tobacco - keep it out'.

Child development

Health Visitor presentation Portsmouth

Childhood Obesity

Slides accompanying plenary

Childhood obesity_2020

No description.

Chronic Heart Failure

No description.

Colorectal cancer: epidemiology and screening

Slides accompanying symposium on colorectal cancer, covering: epidemiology; primary, secondary and tertiary disease prevention; principles of screening; range of screening and diagnostic tests available

Developmental Origins of Health and Disease

Slides accompanying lecture on the developmental origins of health and disease, considering the issue of non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

Diagnostic tests

Slides accompanying lecture on the commonly used diagnostic performance characteristics of a test

Diagnostics 2019

No description.

Doctors, Disease and Society

Lecture slides: This is a varied and interactive teaching session that will help you to get to grips with the biopsychosocial model of health and illness.Two clinical cases will unfold over the course of the session

Epidemiology and prevention of stroke

Slides accompanying symposium on stroke, discussing the occurrence of stroke in the population, the risk factors for stroke and strategies to reduce deaths from stroke

Epidemiology of COPD and smoking

Slides accompanying COPD symposium

Epidemiology of hypertension

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the health risks associated with hypertension; patterns of blood pressure in the population; major determinants of blood pressure; public health strategies for prevention of hypertension

Evidence based medicine in practice - Part 1

Lecture slides accompanying introductory session on evidence based medicine

Evidence based medicine in practice - Part 2

Slides accompanying lecture on Randomised Controlled Trials and Critical Appraisal

Gastrointestinal infection and diarrhoea

Slides accompanying symposium on GI infection and immunology

Head injury symposium

Slides accompanying symposium on traumatic brain injury, describing the epidemiology of head injury and key prevention strategies

Health inequalities

Lecture slides accompanying session on socio-economic inequality of health in the UK

Health needs assessment for the Nepali community in Rushmoor

Lecture slides, reporting the findings of a health needs assessment addressing health inequalities for a Nepali community in Hampshire.

Health promotion

Slides accompanying lecture covering the key features of the Health Child Programme and key areas of health promotion

Identification and brief advice for alcohol use disorders

Appreciate the epidemiology of alcohol use and misuse Know how to calculate units of alcohol Have some tools up your sleeve to help with screening for alcohol use disorders and assessment of alcohol withdrawal

Introduction to Global Health

To introduce the variation in health experience between countries and Regions, the importance of social determinants, key bodies and sources of data on global health

Introduction to Pain Week

Contains 1. Overview of the field 2. Case (video) 3. Supporting information for the case 4. Resources for the supporting information a. Sciatica Option Grid b. NICE neuropathic pain pathway c. Startback d. Pain Management Programmes information 5. REsources for introductory lecture a.CMO England report on Pain

Introduction to global health

Lecture slides accompanying session introducing: the variation in health experience between countries and regions; the importance of social determinants; key bodies and sources of data on global health

Metabolic syndrome - Obesity - Public Health

lecture slides from Prof Roderick on the public health component of the Metabolic Syndrome Symposium

Nucleotide metabolism

No description.

Peptic ulcer symposium BM Year 2

Combined slides accompanying the peptic ulcer symposium, covering: Helicobacter pylori; Gastro-oesophageal reflux & Barrett’s oesophagus; Dyspepsia, ulcers, reflux and public health; Diagnosis and management of upper GI diseases; Drug treatments

Peptic ulcer symposium BM4

Slides accompanying symposium covering various aspects of GI diseases and their treatment

Peptic ulcer symposium: Public health

Peptic ulcer symposium: Public health

Physical Activity & Health symposium

Modified slides from PA & health lecture

Physical activity and health

Slides accompanying symposium on the health benefits of physical activity, looking at how active we are in the UK and recommendations for increasing physical activity

Physical activity and health (part 1): Physical activity, is it worth getting out of bed for?

Evidence and mechanisms linking physical activity, fitness and health. Measurement dilemmas and recommendations for physical activity.

Physical activity and health (part 2): The Secrets to Getting Active

Trends in physical activity, barriers and enablers of change, interventions for individuals and populations

Preparing the tropical traveller

Slides accompanying session covering: pre-travel advice; what to ask at a pre-travel consultation; infectious and non-infectious risks

Public health aspects of alcohol addiction

Slides accompanying lecture describing: the health consequences of acute and chronic alcohol consumption; current patterns of consumption in the UK; strategies aimed at alcohol harm reduction

SSU1 Health Promotion, theories and practice

This lecture covers Health Promotion: theories, principles of practice and politics of improving health and well being

SSU1 Introductory lecture

Introduction to health promotion and SSU1

SSU1 Southampton Health Needs

Introduction to health needs assessment and key public health issues

SSU1/FoM Introduction to public health

Introduction to public health as part of SSU1/FoM

Smoking Cessation

Slides to accompany Plenary by Julia Robson

Smoking Cessation

Presentation given by Sophie Krousti on 26/27 November 2019

Surveillance of emerging infections

Lecture slides from the SBoM session on global health, tropical and travel medicine, covering: emerging infections; key systems for identification and surveillance of outbreaks; the VHF algorithm

The Southampton women's survey: from before conception to early childhood

Slides accompanying symposium on the developmental origins of health and disease, considering the epidemiological findings and interventions relating to the Southampton women's survey, including: Vitamin D and bone development; diets of women and children; public health interventions before and during pregnancy; LifeLab Southampton

Understanding basic statistics

Slides accompanying session covering: Exposures and outcomes; Populations and samples; Hypothesis tests; P-values and confidence intervals; Descriptive statistics; Measures of association - continuous outcome variables and binary outcome variables; Prevalence and incidence

Vaccination in Public Health

Lecture slides to accompany vaccination in public health lecture

Vascular disease - epidemiology, risk factors and prevention

Slides accompanying symposium on coronary heart disease (CHD) and peripheral vascular disease (PVD), exploring patterns of disease, risk factors and methods of prevention

Vascular disease - epidemiology, risk factors and prevention

Slides accompanying clinical symposium on peripheral vascular disease

Vascular disease - epidemiology, risk factors, and prevention

Lecture slides for Tuesday 17th March 2015 10am

What is surveillance?

Slides accompanying SBoM on Global health, tropical and travel medicine

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