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Acid Base Balance

No description.

Acid Base Biochemistry

No description.

Acid base balance (BM4)

Slides accompanying lecture covering: pH, acids, bases and buffers; handling acids and bases; control of acid base balance in the lungs and kidneys; metabolic acidosis

Acid base extra examples

Further examples accompanying session on acid base balance

Acid base symposium

Slides accompanying acid base symposium, on acid base balance

Acid base tutorial

Question sheet accompanying acid base tutorial for the Respiratory, Cardiovascular and Renal 2 module

Acromegaly case and commentary

Case study accompanying lectures on growth hormone and pituitary gland

Acute Emergencies in Diabetes

Slides accompanying the Acute Emergencies in Diabetes session

Acute MI

Slides accompanying lecture on myocardial infarction

Acute kidney injury and case study

Slides accompanying lecture on the pathophysiology of acute kidney injury, covering: functions of the kidney; anatomy of the kidney; filtration, reabsorption and secretion; the nephron and key hormones; the pathophysiology and clinical aspects of AKI

Anaemia - part 1

Slides accompanying first lecture on anaemia, covering: the physiology of red cell production and breakdown, haemoglobin, and iron, B12 and folate metabolism; microcyctic anaemia (iron deficiency and thalassaemia); macrocytic anaemia (B12 deficiency)


Slides accompanying session on arrhythmias, covering: mechanisms of arrhythmogenesis; consequences of arrhythmias; classification of heart rhythms

Arterial Blood Gases

Slides from the Arterial Blood Quiz

Assessing the critically ill or injured patient

An explanation of how to recognise a critically ill patient, and a structured approach to assessing and treating such a patient

Asthma: an overview of pathophysiology and treatment

Slides accompanying symposium on asthma, looking at the abnormal airway physiology and pathology underlying asthma, and its clinical presentation, epidemiology and treatment

Autoregulation of cerebral blood flow

Slides accompanying lecture on autoregulation and treating raised ICP

BIPAP (Non-Invasive Ventilation)

Presentation by Rachel Green and Jen Sims

Balance and dizziness

Lecture slides for the lecture on Balance (Jan 2021)

Biliary tree and pancreas

Slides accompanying lecture covering: bile; bilirubin; bile flow; function of bile acids; pancreas and pancreatic secretion

Blood Flow

Lecture notes for Blood Flow

Blood gas maintenance and acid-base balance (BM4)

Slides accompanying lecture covering: respiratory failure; interpretation of blood gases; V/Q mismatch; acid base balance

Blood pressure

Measurement and monitoring of blood pressure. Clinical skills lecture by Claire Townsend 2019

Body Fluids 1

The full powerpoint from Prof SHelley Parrs lecture on Body Fluids 1. Please remember not to look ahead before watching videos or it will defeat the purpose of the exercises.

Body Fluids 2

Full Powerpoint for session Please do not look ahead before watching videos or it will defeat the purpose of the exercises

Brain Homeostasis & ICP

Slides accompanying online lecture (BM5 Year 2 Nervous system module MEDI2046)

Breast feeding and infant nutrition - Part 1 Breast feeding

Slides accompanying symposium on the breast and lactation, covering: mammary gland anatomy and development; hormonal control of milk production; stimulation of milk secretion; milk components; weaning; breast complications; pharmacological intervention of lactation

Calcium homeostasis

Slides accompanying lecture exploring how calcium homeostasis is maintained, the disorders resulting from loss of calcium homeostasis and the skeletal changes occurring in rickets/osteomalacia

Calcium homeostasis

Slides accompanying lecture on Calcium homeostasis

Calcium metabolism disorders

Slides to accompany Dr Ma'en Al-Mrayat's lecture.

Cardiac Function (BM4)

for BM4 Cardiac Function lecture

Cardiac action potential and cardiac muscle

Slides accompanying lecture on cardiac action potential and cardiac muscle

Cardiac function

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the cardiac cycle; what determines cardiac output; the physiology behind ECGs

Cardiopulmonary responses to exercise

Slides accompanying lecture, covering: definitions of exercise and its clinical importance; dynamic exercise; exercise tesing

Cardiorespiratory physiology and pathophysiology

Slides accompanying lecture on applied physiology on the ICU

Cardiovascular examination for Beginners

Introduction to clinical examination and the construction of how to elicit a history and perform a clinical examination of the cardiovascular system

Catabolic hormones

Slides accompanying session on the anabolic and catabolic control of metabolism, focusing on glucagon, and glucose homeostasis.

Cell to Cell Communication 1 Handout

The slides used to deliver the videos for this lecture

Cell to Cell Communication I

Lecture slides for the session Cell to Cell Communication I

Cell to Cell Communication II

Lecture slides for the Cell to Cell Communication II lecture

Cell to cell communication 2 lecture handout

The powerpoint file used to deliver this lecture via recorded videos

Central and peripheral nervous systems histology and physiology

Slides accompanying session covering: cell types and roles within the CNS and PNS; neuronal transmission within the CNS and PNS

Cerebral Autoregulation

No description.

Chest Pain

No description.

Chronic Heart Failure

No description.

Chronic Pain Symposium

Slides accompanying symposium on chronic pain, covering: the effects of living with chronic pain; the role of pain management clinics; treatment options available

Chronic complications of diabetes

Slides to accompany the session Chronic complications of diabetes

Clinical aspects of the autonomic nervous system

Lecture slides accompanying session relating the physiology and dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) with clinical conditions

Clinical aspects of thyroid function

Lecture slide to accompany Dr Ma'en Al-Mrayat's lecture

Clinical physiology in the seriously injured patient

Slides accompanying lecture on major trauma, covering the causes of major trauma, the structured approach, catastrophic haemorrhage, case studies and accident prevention.

Clinical problems in early pregnancy

Slides accompanying lecture

Clinical problems in late pregnancy

Slides accompanying lecture.

Colon, rectum and anus

Slides accompanying lecture covering: functions of large intestine; ileo caecal valve; colon movements; ion and water transport in the colon; defaecation

Control of Blood Pressure

lecture slides

Control of Ventilation

Slides accompanying lecture on the mechanism and control of ventilation

Control of blood pressure

Slides accompanying lecture on blood pressure regulation

Diabetes Pathophysiology

Pathophysiology for ICE Diabetes by Professor Christopher Byrne

Diabetes feedback and revision Year 2 ELC

Slides by Prof Christopher Byrne

Diabetes: treatment and complications

Overview for Diabetes ICE by Prof R Holt

Diabetic Foot Symposium

Diabetic Foot Symposium

Diabetic ketoacidosis

Slides accompanying lecture on diabetic ketoacidosis, covering the clinical aspects; hyperglycemia, ketosis and acidosis; and the physiology of treatment

Diabetic nephropathy

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the pathophysiology of diabetic nephropathy; the extent of the problem and how it can be managed

Diabetic retinopathy: clinical features, pathophysiology and treatment

Slides in three parts, accompanying lecture on diabetic retinopathy. 1. Clinical features and classification of diabetic retinopathy 2. How does diabetes cause retinopathy? Pathophysiology of diabetic retinopathy 3. Management of diabetic retinopathy

Diagram of the cardiac cycle

Diagram accompanying lecture on the cardiac cycle


Slides accompanying lecture covering: functions of the kidney; principles of dialysis; renal replacement therapy

Digestion and absorption

Slides accompanying lecture covering: principles of digestion and absorption; how these are regulated; digestion and absorption of specific nutrients; malabsorption

Digestion and absorption

Slides accompanying lecture covering: digestion of protein, carbohydrate and fats; control of salt and water transport; diarrhoea; G proteins; cholera

Endocrine control of the menstrual cycle

Slides accompanying lecture covering: functions of the menstrual cycle; timeline of female reproductive function; hormonal contraception

Endocrine functions of the kidney

Slides accompanying lecture covering: erythropoiesis and erythropoietin; Ca2+ metabolism and vitamin D; blood pressure regulation and RAS

Endocrine hypertension

Slides to accompany Dr Ma'en Al-Mrayat's lecture

Equilibrium potentials - extra examples

Calculations relating to second session on physiology of ion distribution

Fluid volume and regulation

Lecture slides to accompany the lecture on fluid volume and its regulation

Fluids & Fluid Management

No description.

Functions of articular and growth plate cartilage

Slides accompanying session on the physiology of bone

Gas exchange

Slides accompanying lectures 1 and 2 on gas exchange in the respiratory system

Gas exchange problems

Question sheet accompanying gas exchange lectures

Gas pressures and haemoglobin

Slides accompanying lecture on the physical properties of gases, and the structure and function of haemoglobin

Glomerular function

Slides accompanying lecture covering: recap of kidney function and renal blood flow; the glomerular filter; glomerular filtration

Glucose homeostasis

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the mechanism for maintaining glucose homeostasis and its relationship with lipid metabolism and insulin resistance; the physiological changes in diabetic ketoacidosis; how glucose is taken up into cells

Growing a baby: Case study growth charts

Growth charts for class activity

Growing a baby: Fetal growth, maternal adaptations (sections by Dr Poore)

Slides accompanying 'Growing a baby' symposium, covering: maternal adaptations to pregnancy, fetal growth and its regulation; measuring fetal growth and its significance

Heart failure

Slides accompanying symposium on heart failure

Heart failure

Slides accompanying session looking at the anatomy and physiology of heart failure, its clinical presentation and management.

Homeostasis Tutorial

Handout for the Homeostasis Tutorial

Hypoglycaemia information leaflet

Patient information sheet about hypoglycaemia

Hypothalamus and pituitary

Lecture slides covering the hypothalamus and pituitary, and growth hormone

Infant nutrition

Slides accompanying symposium on breast feeding and lactation, covering: issues of neonatal physiology; macronutrients and micronutrients of breast milk; advantages and contraindications for breast feeding; complementary feeding


Slides accompanying lecture covering: glucose and its metabolism; blood glucose homeostasis; basic facts about insulin; insulin actions

Integrated cardiorespiratory physiology

Cardiorespiratory physiology case history

Intermediate Metabolism

Lecture slides for the Intermediate Metabolism lecture

Intrinsic Renal Diseases

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the glomerulus and proteinuria; nephrotic syndrome; diabetic nephropathy; haemolytic uraemic syndromw

Introducing Pain Management

Introduces a System to management Pain successfully

Introduction to Endocrinology

Introduction to endocrinology lecture by Dr Kirsten Poore

Introduction to Endocrinology Rohan Lewis 2014

Please use this resource Oct 2014

Introduction to Pain Week

Contains 1. Overview of the field 2. Case (video) 3. Supporting information for the case 4. Resources for the supporting information a. Sciatica Option Grid b. NICE neuropathic pain pathway c. Startback d. Pain Management Programmes information 5. REsources for introductory lecture a.CMO England report on Pain

Introduction to visual pathways

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the visual pathway from retina to V1; visual defects associated with lesions along this pathway; pathways from V1 to other cortical regions

Ion Distribution 1

Powerpoint used to create this lecture

Ion Distribution 2

A copy of the powerpoint file used to make these recordings (minus some of the answers to the exercises). As ever please don't look ahead or it might ruin the exercises I encourage you to do. 

Ionotropic Receptors

Lecture introducing the main concepts of ionotropic receptors in the central nervous system


Slides accompanying lecture on the absorption, transport and storage of iron

Linear growth

Slides accompanying lecture on normal and abnormal growth


Slides accompanying lecture describing the functions of the liver, covering: lipid and protein metabolism; the secretion and excretion of bilirubin; the metabolism of drugs

Liver physiology and clinical features

Slides accompanying symposium on liver disease, describing the physiology of the liver, and clinical features of liver disease

Lung mechanics and the carriage of oxygen

Slides accompanying lecture covering: gas pressures and partial pressure; an overview of lung mechanics; oxygen carriage and delivery

Managing diabetes when you are ill

Patient information sheet

Mechanisms of acute neurodegeneration

Slides accompanying lecture covering: ischaemic neurodegeneration; the ischaemic core and ischaemic penumbra; clinical treatment for stroke patients

Metabolic Syndrome Symposium - Introduction

Metabolic Syndrome Symposium - Introduction by Dr Wootton

Metabolic Syndrome Symposium - Weight Management

Metabolic Syndrome Symposium - Weight Management slides by Steve Wooton

Metabolic basis of diabetes

Slides accompanying lecture covering: diabetes and metabolism; biochemistry and treatment of diabetes; the metabolic basis of clinical problems in diabetes, including hyperglycemia, dehydration, hypertriglyceridemia, hypoglycemia

Metabolic basis of diabetes

Lecture slides by Dr Nicola Englyst

Microvascular Exchange

Slides accompanying lecture on capillaries and lymphatics

Modifications to oxygen transport and carriage of carbon dioxide

Slides accompanying lecture covering disruption in oxygen carriage and the carriage of carbon dioxide and nitrogen

Motor control

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the role of reflexes in control of movement and the systems that integrate them into a co-ordinated motor control system; the central mechanisms involved in the generation of voluntary movements

Mouth, stomach and secretion

Combined slides accompanying lectures covering: saliva; swallowing; functions of the stomach; vomiting; pancreatic secretion

Myocardial infarction

Slides accompanying clinical symposium on myocardial infarction

Nervous system - basic definitions and information

Preparatory handout for ANS physiology lectures - please read before the lectures

Normal birth

Slides accompanying lecture outlining the physiology of normal birth, and explaining how midwives facilitate normal birth and create a positive birth experience

Obesity Overview Lecture

Lecture by Mrs N Chand

Oxygen carriage and delivery to tissues

Slides accompanying lecture on haemoglobin and oxygen interactions, and haemoglobin and oxygen affinity.

Pain - Normal and Patho-Physiology

Exploring perceptions and experiences of pain

Pain physiology

Slides accompanying lecture on the physiology of pain, describing the three main levels of processing involved in detection, transmission and response to pain.

Pathophysiology (oedema)

Lecture slides to accompany pathophysiology lecture - 2019.

Pathophysiology Part A (Oedema)

The powerpoint files that were used to create this video - please note there are exercises to undertake so please don't look ahead at slides until you have watched the video

Pathophysiology Part B (Oedema)

Powerpoint slides to accompany the second part of this session delivered by Dr Moutasim

Pathophysiology of CKD

lecture notes for the lecture on pathophysiology of CKD

Pathophysiology of Heart Failure

Pathophysiology of heart failure from symposium

Pathophysiology of Shock

Shock for beginners

Pathophysiology of acute kidney injury

Slides accompanying lecture on acute kidney injury including pre-renal, intra-renal and post-renal injury, and describing some example cases

Pathophysiology of oedema (Parts A & B)

Complete lecture slides for pathophysiology lecture

Physiological Numeracy

This is a description of some basic physiological calculations based on the Fick Principle.

Physiological adaptations at birth

Slides accompanying lecture covering: birth; intrauterine life; foetal and neonatal circulation; the first breath; renal and other systems; jaundice and neonatal resuscitation

Physiology and pathology of ageing

Slides accompanying lecture on the physiology of ageing and consequences of the physiological changes with ageing

Physiology and pharmacology of labour

Slides accompanying lecture discussing: the process of labour; control of uterine activity; how the fetus matures in readiness for life after birth; pain relief during labour

Physiology in chronic kidney disease (CKD)

Slides accompanying renal physiology recap covering physiology in CKD

Physiology of Labour

lecture slides to accompany the physiology component of the lecture (Dr Poore)

Physiology of Membrane Potentials Tutorial

Worksheet for the physiology tutorial.

Physiology of Pain and Chronic Pain

Slides accompanying lecture covering the peripheral and central mechanisms involved in the detection, transmission and response to pain

Physiology of adrenal

Slides accompanying session covering: anatomy and overview of the adrenal function; regulation of adrenal output; actions of adrenal products; disorders of adrenal function

Physiology of ageing

Slides accompanying Ageing and Dementia SBoM, looking at the physiology of ageing and the consequences of physiological changes with ageing

Physiology of body fluids I

Lecture slides accompanying session, covering: introduction to Physiology in the Faculty; components of body fluids; disruption of body fluids

Physiology of body fluids II

Lecture slides accompanying session, covering: an overview of the composition of body fluids and how they are measured; the movement of fluids between compartments and cells of the body

Physiology of homeostasis Dr K Poore

Lecture slides by Dr Kirsten Poore

Physiology of ion distribution I

Lecture slides accompanying session introducing cellular transport mechanisms, both active and passive.

Physiology of ion distribution II

Lecture slides accompanying session on the physiological basis of membrane potentials and action potentials

Physiology of shock

Slides accompanying lecture on shock, covering: osmotic forces; blood pressure regulation; the physiological responses to shock

Physiology of smooth muscle

Lecture slides accompanying session on the physiology of smooth muscle, covering muscle structure and mechanisms and control of contraction

Physiology of the autonomic nervous system

Lecture slides accompanying session introducing the basic physiology of the autonomic nervous system (ANS)

Physiology of the autonomic nervous system

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the divisions of the ANS; neurotransmitters and receptors; actions of the ANS; interactions of the SNS and PSNS; central nervous involvement; micturition

Physiology tutorial - renal clearances

Question sheet accompanying physiology tutorial on renal clearances

Placental anatomy and function

Slides accompanying lecture covering: what the placenta does; placental structure at term; placental development; how the placenta functions as a barrier; how nutrients are transported across the placental barrier; how placental hormones change maternal physiology

Placental function

Slides accompanying 'growing a baby' symposium, discussing the role of the placenta; placental development and structure; placental function as a nutrient transporter and as a barrier

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and Amenorrhoea

Lecture slides by Dr Al-Mrayat

Positive Inotropes (and Vasopressors)

A lecture to introduce some of the commoner drugs used clinically to manipulate the cardiovascular system and their mode of action

Practice physiology assessment

Practice questions for physiology revision

Premature labour symposium: Neonatal perspective

Slides accompanying symposium on premature labour

Preterm labour symposium: obstetric component

Slides accompanying symposium on preterm labour

Protein handling in the kidney

Slides accompanying lecture covering: glomerular filtration; protein handling; types of proteinuria; testing for protein in the urine

Proximal tubule and loop of Henle function

Slides accompanying lecture giving an overview of the renal tubular function, and focusing on two regions of the nephron: the proximal convoluted tubule and the loop of Henle.


Slides accompanying lecture on puberty

Pulmonary function tests

Slides accompanying lecture on the physiological basis of lung function tests

Pulmonary mechanics

Slides accompanying lectures 1 and 2 on lung mechanics

Pulmonary pressures and forced expiration

Explanation of dynamic airway collapse

Reflexes and motor control

No description.

Renal Physiology Recap

No description.

Renal blood flow

Slides accompanying lecture on renal blood flow, covering: introduction to renal function; blood flow to the kidney; blood flow in the kidney

Renal clearances

Slides accompanying lecture on renal clearances, covering: renal clearance as a measure of GFR; renal clearance as a measure of renal plasma flow

Renal clearances - additional examples

Additional questions accompanying physiology tutorial on renal clearances

Renal medicine in action - case study

Slides accompanying Dr Uniacke's case study

Renal physiology 1 - glomerular function

Slides accompanying lecture covering: functions of the kidney; the renal filter; GFR and net filtration pressure; regulation of GFR

Renal physiology 2 - renal tubular function

Slides accompanying lecture covering: reabsorption and secretion; transport within cells; hormonal control; diuretic action

Renal physiology day - part 1

Slides accompanying lecture reviewing: functions of the kidney; renal anatomy; glomerular filtration; tubular reabsorption; tubular secretion; countercurrent multiplier; urinary concentration

Renal physiology day - part 2

Slides accompanying lecture on the assessment of renal function

Renin Angiotensin System

Lecture notes for Renin Angiotensin System lecture

Respiratory adaptation

Slides accompanying session on respiratory adaptation in response to exercise, illness, altitude or depth

Respiratory failure, oxygen therapy and blood gas interpretation

Slides accompanying lecture covering: basic respiratory physiology; respiratory failure in biochemical and clinical terms; oxygen therapy; approach to blood gas interpretation


Slides to accompany Rheumatology Lecture given by Dr Emma Williams at RHCH


Presentation on STIs & HIV - Dr Claire Holton 28/11/2019


Overview of history, presentation and treatment

Science into Practice: Peripheral Neuropathy

Lecture slides from Georgina Burke 2019

Science to Practice: Neurology "Where is the lesion?"

Slides accompanying the lecture given by Dr Aravinthan Varatharaj 2019


Slides accompanying lecture on aspects of shock, including: causes; pathological changes; physiological mechanisms; inotropic drugs; disorders of acid-base balance; antimicrobial therapy

Skin deep

Lecture slides accompanying symposium on skin, exploring how physiology, histology and sociology are vital for a complete understanding of the structure and function of skin alongside living with the consequences of skin conditions

Sodium and potassium balance

Slides accompanying lecture covering: sodium handling in the nephron; potassium handling in the nephron; regulation of sodium and potassium; sodium and potassium balance

Somatosensory system and reflexes

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the sense organs in the periphery and their connection to the CNS; the co-localisation of sensory and motor pathways in the spinal cord; the functional integration of sensory and motor pathways in spinal reflexes

Special Circulations

Lecture notes for Specialist Circulations


Handout explaining the procedures and equipment involved in measuring lung volumes and the volumes of gas moved during inspiration or expiration

Structure-function relationships in bone

Slides accompanying session on the physiology of bone

Synaptic plasticity

Slides accompanying lecture covering: structure of CNS synapses; model organisms for studying synaptic plasticity; long-term potentiation; long-term depression

Synaptic transmission

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the basic concepts underlying synaptic transmission; how synaptic transmission may be regulated; the role of synaptic transmission in the CNS


Slides accompanying lecture on the electrocardiogram (ECG)

The cardiac cycle

Slides accompanying lecture detailing changes in aortic pressure, left ventricular pressure, ventricular volume, heart sounds and atrial pulse during the cardiac cycle

The electrocardiogram (ECG) - practical

Handout accompanying cardiovascular physiology practical on the electrocardiogram (ECG)

The glomerulus and renal clearance

Lecture slides from Prof Rohan Lewis

The great acid-base off

A quiz on acid-base physiology by Dr Max Jonas

The indirect measurement of blood pressure

Handout accompanying cardiovascular physiology practical on the measurement of blood pressure

The neurological examination

Slides describing how to carry out a neurological examination, assessing mental state, cranial nerves, upper and lower limbs

The neuromuscular junction

Slides accompanying lecture covering: motor control; the structure of the neuromuscular junction (NMJ); signal transduction at the NMJ; pathophysiology of the NMJ


Lecture slides accompanying session on temperature regulation, covering: normal body temperature; temperature regulation and pathological temperature changes


The main powerpoint slides used for the thermoregulation lecture given by Prof Parr

Thyroid eye disease

Slides from Miss Siah's lecture

Thyroid function

Slides accompanying lecture on thyroid gland and thyroid hormones, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Enlarged versions of the diagrams are included with the slides.

Transmission of electrical signals by the nervous system

Slides accompanying lecture covering: chemical and electrical gradients; membrane potential; generation of action potentials; transmission along nerves; synaptic and junctional transmission; initiation of action potentials in neurons

Vascular Control

Lecture slides for the Vascular Control Session

Venous return and cardiac output

Slides accompanying lectures on venous return and cardiac output, covering: factors which contribute to preload; measurement of cardiac output; the role of heart rate and stroke volume; Starling's experiments and Starling's law; ventricular failure and heart failure

Virtual patient and respiratory recap

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the architecture of the lung; transport of gases; diagnosis and management of acute respiratory failure

Virtual patient: Acromegaly and thyroid disorder

Case study - Mr and Mrs Roberts with pituitary tumours and hypothyroidism. This case draws on your understanding of endocrine anatomy and physiology. In particular you should be able to integrate the principle of thyroid hormone biosynthesis, hormone action and physiological control.

Vitamins and minerals

Slides accompanying lecture covering: vitamin B12; iron; calcium; vitamin D; copper; zinc

Waking up to Sleep

Lecture about importance of sleep

Water regulation

Slides accompanying lecture covering: water absorption in the collecting duct; regulation of plasma osmolarity by the pituitary; urea reabsorption from the collecting duct

Wheeze and asthma

Slides accompanying lecture on the symptoms of breathlessness and wheeze, and associated clinical conditions including asthma, COPD and bronchiolitis

pituitary symposium - Dr Al-Mrayat

Handout version of pituitary symposium

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