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Academic posters - guidance

Guidance from Edinburgh Napier university, explaining what is required for an academic poster

Alcohol: From Screening to dependence

Understand how to classify the harms of alcohol and other drugs

Am I good enough?

Lecture slides for Personal Professional Development Symposium 5

An introduction to team work in clinical practice

Slides accompanying session exploring the importance of teamwork and leadership in clinical practice and how to be an effective team player

Digital professionalism

Slides for IT, eLearning & digital professionalism session

Doctor-Patient communication styles: past, present and future.

Slides accompanying symposium, looking at different styles of doctor-patient consultations

Emotional intelligence and wellbeing

Slides accompanying lecture

Evaluation of PPD Year 1 (2013/14)

Evaluation of feedback from the first year of the new PPD course

Expectations of professional practice in the foundation programme

Guest lecture by Dr Mike Masding, head of Wessex Foundation School.

Final Year PPD timeline and guidance for Tutors and Students

This document gives students and facilitators the timeline for their tutorial, and a template to be used as they prepare for the case discussion in week 2-3

Final year PPD intro Clip 1 2020/21

Dr Ian Rodd explaining why we have a PPD module in final year.

Guidance on working as part of a peer group

Guidance on working effectively in a peer group, specific to the group work associated with the PPD symposia

How do I stay competent and sane?

Approaches to staying up to date in general practice

How to cope with studying in medical school

Ib Yasin's perspective on time management and note taking in Y1 of medical school at Southampton.

How to survive medical school

Slides accompanying student presentation, from Personal Professional Development Symposium 5

Introduction to Final year PPD

Short audio introduction by Dr Ian Rodd

Introduction to PPD in Year 2

Slides accompanying PPD session covering: HCSW placement; evaluation of Year 1 PPD; working in small groups; clinical situations; assessment and evaluation for this year

Introduction to Personal and Professional Development (PPD)

Slides accompanying the introductory PPD session, reporting on the pre-arrival task

Introduction to medical professionalism

Overview of medical professionalism looking at professional practice, professional governance and PPD.

Introduction to the Foundation Programme and how to apply for it

Slides accompanying lecture from Dr Mike Masding, head of Wessex Foundation School, advising on the application process for the Foundation Programme

Learning from experience

Slides accompanying session covering: personal development plans (PDPs); effective teams; risk management

Learning styles and group work

Slides accompanying lecture exploring your personal learning style and how this impacts on those you learn with, and your communication with patients

Managing uncertainty

Maybe there isn't an answer, but what do you do then?

Medical professionalism - more than fitness to practise

The General Medical Council (GMC) and the Medical Schools Council have produced guidance on professional behaviour for medical schools and students. The guidance focuses particularly on fitness to practise. While fitness to practise is vital for the protection of patients, we argue that it is only one aspect involved in the teaching and learning of professionalism.

Medicine eLearning

Slides for IT, eLearning & digital professionalism - Dr Andy Pulman Session (1)

Mental State Examination Glossary

This is a comprehensive decument with brief descriptions of the meaning of the terms commonly used in a menatl state examination. It was developed by ACCESS Behavioural Science

Motivating Behaviour Change

Presentation for BM5 3rd year 'Breaking the Cycle' lecture

Outline of Semester 2 PPD tutorial

Aims, learning outcomes and expectations for the Personal Professional Development tutorial, detailing tasks and reading to be carried out ahead of the session

PPD Block 1 Week 6 video

Final year PPD module, week 6 video (block 1)

PPD Final Year intro clip 2 2020/21

Dr Ian Rodd discusses a PPD case in the Intro to PPD lecture

PPD Surviving medical school

slides for session on 25.11.14

PPD academic poster presentation - information for students

Details of the timeline and task for the poster presentation at the PPD conference; allocation of topics; room allocations for planning sessions

PPD seminar 1 - the medical contract

Lecture slides accompanying symposium introducing Personal and Professional Development (PPD), covering: professionalism; the medical contract; working in small groups

PPD seminar 2 - being a medical student

Slides accompanying the second Personal and Professional Development (PPD) symposium, covering: barriers to success as a medical student; being a medical student; introduction to consent

PPD symposium 11: Learning styles and conclusions

Slides accompanying the eleventh Personal and Professional Development (PPD) symposium.

PPD symposium 11: What next?

Slides accompanying the eleventh Personal and Professional Development (PPD) symposium, summarising feedback from the course.

PPD symposium 6 - role models and career choices

Slides accompanying the sixth Personal and Professional Development (PPD) symposium, covering: the range of careers in medicine; role models; using eFolio

PPD symposium 8 - Learning from what we get wrong and when we are challenged

Part 2: Prevention. Slides accompanying symposium looking at risk management and responding to complaints and concerns.

PPD symposium 8 - learning from what we get wrong and when we are challenged

Part 1: Incidence and causation. Slides accompanying symposium looking at risk management and responding to complaints and concerns.

Personal Professional Development

Lecture slides from the PPD introduction (3/10/17)

Personal and professional development

Slides accompanying talk from the Introduction to Year 5 programme, introducing the PPD module

Personal professional development (PPD)

Lecture slides accompanying introductory lecture, looking at the role of PPD in becoming a medical professional, and personal professional development PPD. Plus preparation for teaching session on 16th Oct

Poster templates for PPD conference

Blank poster template and specimen poster template for the PPD conference task

Preparation for PPD Symposium 11

Details of the individual task to be completed in preparation for PPD Symposium 11, 'Learning styles and conclusions'.

Preparation for PPD Symposium 8

Details of the group tasks to be completed in preparation for PPD Symposium 8, 'Learning from what we get wrong and when we are challenged'.

Preparation for PPD Symposium 9

Details of the group tasks to be completed ahead of the PPD symposium on compassion

Preparing for your first clinical placement

Slides accompanying talk from Introduction to Year 3

Preparing your presentation for the PPD conference

Slides accompanying session outlining the requirements for the PPD poster presentation

Professional boundaries and behaviour

This document is not only for your psychiatry attachment, but can be referenced for all your clinical placements in healthcare environments. It includes and professional standards of behaviour and dress; communication with patients; your attendance on placements; and personal safety guidance for clinical areas and with patients. You MUST read this document as part of your induction programme.

Professionalism in Medical Practice

Guidance on Professionalism

Professionalism in practice: GMC standards

Slides accompanying lecture on the General Medical Council standards and guidance, and professionalism.

Protecting patients, guiding doctors - an overview of the role of the GMC

Slides accompanying lecture on the aims, purpose and function of the GMC; the GMC's role in medical education; fitness to practice

Referencing and Academic Integrity

An introduction to referencing and academic integrity


Slides accompanying lecture on stress and building resilience


Slides accompanying talk from Year 3 Clinical Introduction

Review of your PPD peer group

Template to be completed ahead of the Semester 2 Professionalism tutorial.

SOAP critical reflection framework

Framework for critical reflection, involving a subjective account, objective description, analysis of incident and personal learning.

Student support

Lecture slides accompanying session looking at the role of senior and personal academic tutors, and the support available for students in the Faculty of Medicine.

Student support

Slides accompanying talk from Introduction to Year 3

The Wounded Healer

The powerpoint slides from the Wounded Healer Session

The Wounded Healer

Slides from the session The Wounded Healer

The doctors role in maintaining patient confidentiality and their responsibility to wider community

Slides accompanying lecture on HIV testing, looking at confidentiality and disclosure, and considering case scenarios

The role of GMC: promoting professionalism

Lecture slides by Howard Lewis, regional liaison adviser for the General Medical Council

Time Management

No description.

Trust story example

No description.

Understanding your learning style

This is a brief overview of learning styles, their importance in Higher Education, and tips for making best use of your natural style.

Values, behaviour, professionalism

Slides accompanying talk from Introduction to Year 3

What is professionalism?

Slides accompanying PPD session, discussing professionalism, eFolio and the medical contract

Why reflective practice is important for medical students

Article exploring the importance of reflection and reflective writing.

Working in groups

How groups are formed; different types of groups; how to develop an effective team; identifying your inter-personal skills

Your contract with medical school

Slides accompanying the PPD session introducing professionalism and exploring students' contract with medical school

eFolio - online student portfolio

Slides explaining the purpose of eFolio, how to use it and what you will need to do during Year 1

learning styles and group and teamwork PPD

learning styles and group and teamwork PPD slides for session from D Owen

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