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Amino acid metabolism

Slides accompanying lecture on amino acid metabolism, covering degradation (catabolism) and energy production


Slides accompanying lecture describing: why appetite is important; how we can measure appetite; changes in appetite associated with disease; how appetite is controlled

Appetite 2020

No description.

Assessing the demand for energy

Slides accompanying lecture looking at how to estimate energy requirements, and the impact of activity behaviour on energy requirements

Assessing weight status and how weight status relates to disease risk

Assessing weight presentation from Obesity Week November 2016

Assessment of nutritional status

Handout describing what is meant by nutritional status, and why and how it is assessed

BM4 obesity week - dietitian talk

Slides accompanying session covering: the regulation of energy balance; the psycho-social impact of weight loss and gain; the principles of cognitive-behavioural weight loss programmes

Basic concepts of human nutrition - definitions

Handout explaining some of the principal concepts that underlie human nutrition

Basic concepts of human nutrition - supply and demand

Lecture slides accompanying session covering: how nutrition is a demand-led system; how those demands may be met; the implications of imbalance; the principles of requirements and recommendations

Breast feeding and infant nutrition - Part 1 Breast feeding

Slides accompanying symposium on the breast and lactation, covering: mammary gland anatomy and development; hormonal control of milk production; stimulation of milk secretion; milk components; weaning; breast complications; pharmacological intervention of lactation

Carb counting

Lecture slides

Carbohydrate Counting

No description.

Carbs sense check

Slides accompanying metabolism buffer session

Characterising Growth

Characterising Growth - lecture by Dr Steve Wootton. Provides the introductory material for the Growth Practical. (also replaces the Nutritional Influences of Growth in Childhood lecture for 2020)

Characterising growth - principles and concepts associated with measurement

Slides accompanying lecture introducing the principles and concepts of growth, how it may be measured, and how to recognise an unusual pattern of growth that requires investigation.

Childhood Obesity

Slides accompanying plenary

Childhood obesity_2020

No description.

Diabetes case studies precourse material

Please look at these in advance of Diabetes week

Diagnostics 2019

No description.

Diet and Diabetes

No description.

Enzymes 2019

No description.

Excess weight gain in childhood

Slides accompanying lecture on childhood obesity and its consequences

Fat-soluble vitamins

No description.

Food diary

Food diary for students to complete

Food diary analysis

Food diary analysis. To be discussed in the Fitness to Fatness Symposium

Food diary symposium

No description.

Gluttony or sloth

Slides accompanying symposium on fitness and fatness

Growing a baby Nutrition in Pregnancy

Lecture slides from Dr Miles within Growing a Baby Symposium

Growing a baby: Fetal growth, maternal adaptations (sections by Dr Poore)

Slides accompanying 'Growing a baby' symposium, covering: maternal adaptations to pregnancy, fetal growth and its regulation; measuring fetal growth and its significance

Growth and puberty lecture for BM4 2019

Adapted (minimally) from Nicola Trevelyan's talk

Growth practical - Measuring growth

Growth practical - Measuring growth

Human nutrition in medicine

Lecture slides accompanying session on the basic principles of nutritional science

Infant Feeding

Slides used in teaching session in Portsmouth

Infant nutrition

Slides accompanying symposium on breast feeding and lactation, covering: issues of neonatal physiology; macronutrients and micronutrients of breast milk; advantages and contraindications for breast feeding; complementary feeding

Information retrieval - session 1

Introduction to academic resources for medicine critical selection of web resources Plagiarism and Referencing

Introduction to Metabolism

No description.

Malnutrition in GI disease

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the causes of malnutrition; effects of malnourishment; prevalence of malnourishment; treating malnourishment

Managing diabetes when you are ill

Patient information sheet

Metabolic Syndrome Symposium - Introduction

Metabolic Syndrome Symposium - Introduction by Dr Wootton

Metabolic Syndrome Symposium - Weight Management

Metabolic Syndrome Symposium - Weight Management slides by Steve Wooton

Metabolic adaptations to feeding, fasting and starvation

Slides accompanying session on fat and carbohydrate metabolism, looking at the metabolic response to fasting, starvation and feeding

Metabolic response to the basal and starved states

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the metabolic adaptations to the basal and starved states specific to carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism; the functions of the liver in relation to these

Motivating Behaviour Change

Presentation by Claire Townsend for BM4 Metabolic Disorders Week Nov 2016

Nature, Purpose and Implications of Research in Nutrition

Sample chapter from Nutrition Research Methodologies

Nutrition case discussion

Sample case accompanying the SBoM on nutrition

Nutrition in the elderly

Slides accompanying lecture introducing the principal nutritional issues associated with ageing

Nutrition support options

Slides accompanying SBoM session on Nutrition

Nutrition, protein, growth and metabolism

Slides accompanying session exploring protein, amino acid and nitrogen intake in relation to muscle and bone metabolism, as a fundamental aspect of health and disease

Nutritional issues of alcohol and alcoholism

Slides accompanying lecture introducing the nutritional considerations of excessive alcohol consumption and alcoholism

Nutritional screening and assessment

Slides accompanying SBoM on nutrition, exploring the factors affecting malnutrition in adults, and how to identify and treat malnutrition

Perils of bed rest

2019 slides by Dr Stephen Lim

Principles of diet in diabetes

Lectures slides to accompany the lecture by Mark Green

Scientific principles of nutrition support

Slides accompanying SBoM on nutrition

The Southampton women's survey: from before conception to early childhood

Slides accompanying symposium on the developmental origins of health and disease, considering the epidemiological findings and interventions relating to the Southampton women's survey, including: Vitamin D and bone development; diets of women and children; public health interventions before and during pregnancy; LifeLab Southampton

The colon - its role in nutrition and health

Slides accompanying lecture on the colon, colonic bacteria and urea-nitrogen salvage

The confused patient

Slides accompanying ICE on ageing and dementia, looking at assessment, diagnosis and management for delirium

Under nutrition in older people

Slides accompanying ICE on Ageing and Dementia

Understanding nutrition's role in cancer outcomes

Presentation by Barbara Parry Nov 2017

Water soluble vitamins

No description.

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