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Assessment of Mental Capacity and Best Interest decisions

Assessment of Mental Capacity and Best Interest decisions

CVS risk, Who do you think you are?

A session aimed to give an idea of how the practice of 'Evidence based Medicine' shapes clinical practice

Child Protection/child safeguarding lecture

Slides provided at seminar in Portsmouth by Dr Jo Crane

Child health clinical Ethics Lecture for Hub week 1 VIDEO

Introduction to clinical ethics and the law child version

Clinical Ethics and Law (Child Health Seminar slides)

Slides used for seminar in Portsmouth

Clinical Ethics and the Law lecture

Lecture designed for week 1 of Hub week in Poole to cover CEL Child Health Components

Disability seminar

Seminar addressing legal, attitudinal and educational aspects of childhood disability

Downs week screening discussion

worksheet to bring on the day

Downs week screening pre course material

work sheet and resources

Duties of a doctor

No description.

Ethics and Law

a summary of Ethics and Law, the Children's Act, Mental Health Act, Mental Capacity Act. Ethical dilemmas and decision making. Information, links and reading.

Ethics and Law PPT

Dr Mayura Deshpande's PPT on Ethics and Law

Genetic medicine

Slides accompanying genetics lecture, discussing a range of case histories and considering the ethical issues involved

Gillick Competence Handout

No description.

HHFT Paediatric CEL introduction

This is the talk we are using in HHFT - it does not cover the Safeguarding side of things, and is an introduction to the problems we encounter more commomnly in Paediatrics

Introduction: Clinical Ethics and Law (CEL)

Introduction and overview for the Year 4 Clinical Ethics and Law module

MSE Form

This is a form with tick boxes for the most common psychopathologycal presentations. It is a useful way to do a MSE pointing by numbers. If you use it, try to learn what each of the words means. It was developed by Jeff Patrick

Mental Health Act

Summary of Mental Health Act

Mental Health Act Powerpoint

Dr Khalil Ajel's PPT on Mental Health Act

Mental State Examination Glossary

This is a comprehensive decument with brief descriptions of the meaning of the terms commonly used in a menatl state examination. It was developed by ACCESS Behavioural Science

Professionalism in practice: GMC standards

Slides accompanying lecture on the General Medical Council standards and guidance, and professionalism.

Protecting patients, guiding doctors - an overview of the role of the GMC

Slides accompanying lecture on the aims, purpose and function of the GMC; the GMC's role in medical education; fitness to practice


An introduction to the psychotic illnesses Their aetiology, presentation, and the stigma surrounding them

Sexual Health and Law Seminar

Seminar delivered in Portsmouth covering sexual and health and related law for adolescents

Termination of pregnancy

Information about the regulations governing termination of pregnancy in the UK.

The case of a small boy with a complex presentation - ethical aspects of additional findings

Slides accompanying SBoM session on genomics, discussing the application of NGS technologies in a boy presenting with aHUS

The doctors role in maintaining patient confidentiality and their responsibility to wider community

Slides accompanying lecture on HIV testing, looking at confidentiality and disclosure, and considering case scenarios

What you need to know about screening

Information about screening, including definitions, requirements, and advantages and disadvantages.

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