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Alcohol and Addiction

6-10 January - Introduction Slides

Alcohol and Global Health

Prof Paul Roderick

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Powerpoint presentation Dr Nicola Herod

Alcohol and drug history taking and examination

Slides accompanying lecture describing the importance and principles of taking an alcohol and drug history from a patient; detecting alcohol misuse and dependence and the main physical findings in patients with alcohol/drug dependence

Alcohol related conditions

Diagram illustrating alcohol related conditions affecting different parts of the body

Alcohol: From Screening to dependence

Understand how to classify the harms of alcohol and other drugs

Brief interventions in smoking cessation

Powerpoint presentation given by Claire Townsend Nov 17

Child Protection/child safeguarding lecture

Slides provided at seminar in Portsmouth by Dr Jo Crane

Doctors, Disease and Society

Lecture slides: This is a varied and interactive teaching session that will help you to get to grips with the biopsychosocial model of health and illness.Two clinical cases will unfold over the course of the session

Evidence for the harm of substance misuse

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the social and psychosocial effects of substance misuse; the physical harms of substance misuse; the various ways users may present; the complications of commonly used drugs

Fetal alcohol syndrome

Slides accompanying lecture on foetal alcohol syndrome, covering: effects of alcohol on a pregnancy; basic embryology; Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; epidemiological data on alcohol in pregnancy

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A doctor describes her experience of alcoholism and the AA

Identification and brief advice for alcohol use disorders

Appreciate the epidemiology of alcohol use and misuse Know how to calculate units of alcohol Have some tools up your sleeve to help with screening for alcohol use disorders and assessment of alcohol withdrawal

Introduction to Alcohol and Addiction

This gives an overview of the area, core concepts that students need to be aware of and an understanding of how the week has been constructed to ensure students understand the mutifactorial nature of this complex clincal problem

MSE Form

This is a form with tick boxes for the most common psychopathologycal presentations. It is a useful way to do a MSE pointing by numbers. If you use it, try to learn what each of the words means. It was developed by Jeff Patrick

Mechanisms of alcohol-related liver disease

Slides accompanying SBoM symposium on liver disease

Mental State Examination Glossary

This is a comprehensive decument with brief descriptions of the meaning of the terms commonly used in a menatl state examination. It was developed by ACCESS Behavioural Science

Metabolism of alcohol

Slides accompanying lecture describing the basic biochemistry of alcohol metabolism

Nutritional issues of alcohol and alcoholism

Slides accompanying lecture introducing the nutritional considerations of excessive alcohol consumption and alcoholism


No description.

Pharmacological management of alcohol withrawal

- Understand how people become physically dependent on alcohol - Know the major neurotransmitters involved - Be able to recognises alcohol withdrawal as a clinical presentation. - Understand the principles of treatment

Pharmacology of addictive substances

Slides accompanying lecture describing the main drugs of abuse; the main effects of drugs of abuse on the CNS; dependence and the major pharmacological approaches to treating opioid, nicotine and alcohol dependence

Psychiatry revision lecture

psychosis, mood disorders, anxiety, alcohol, autism, ADHD - overview and some questions. Please note, this is not a comprehensive summary, rather a memory aid.

Psychology of Addiction

Introduction to psychological aspects of additive behaviour

Public health aspects of alcohol addiction

Slides accompanying lecture describing: the health consequences of acute and chronic alcohol consumption; current patterns of consumption in the UK; strategies aimed at alcohol harm reduction

Smoking Cessation

Slides to accompany Plenary by Julia Robson

Sociology of addiction

Slides accompanying lecture covering: how we define, understand and address addiction; the social harms of drugs including alcohol; whether drugs should be decriminalised/legalised; the consequences of this debate for doctors

Understanding the effects and treatment of substance abuse

Slides accompanying session exploring the effects and treatment of substance misuse, particularly among socially excluded populations

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