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Acute management of suspected spinal injury

Slides accompanying lecture on the assessment and systemic effects of spinal cord injury

Acute spine anatomy function injury

Presentation by Dr A Oswell Oct 17

Admission under the mental health act (MHA)

Slides explaining why someone might be sectioned and who is involved

Anaesthesia Lecture

Lecture from Dr Wimbush


Slides accompanying lecture covering: how the body sense pain; the various drug groups involved in treating pain; the mechanism of action and the major adverse effects of these drugs

Anatomy and pathology of head injury

Slides accompanying session on the anatomy and pathology for intracranial haemorrhage, diffuse axonal injury and contusions, and ischaemia/hypoxia

Anatomy for O & G

Presentation by Dr J Rust

Anatomy of the lower limbs

No description.

Anatomy of the male/female pelvis, perineum and genitalia

Slides accompanying lecture on the anatomy of the male and female pelvis, perineum and genitalia

Anatomy of the pelvis

This lecture covers two parts; the pelvis and the perineum. It also covers the osteology and muscular features of the pelvis. The lecture will cover also the male and female structures of the perineum and the function of pelvic diaphragm. Some anatomical models will be available in the lecture place to give more understanding of the topic. Thank you

Anatomy of the upper and lower limbs

Slides accompanying anatomy lecture

Ante-natal Care

Lecture from Mrs.K.Sargant

Antenatal Care

Presentation given by Mrs K Revell

Antenatal care

Presentation by Dr Eman Al-Teman Dec 18

Anti-convulsant drugs (anti-epileptics)

Slides accompanying lecture covering: types of epilepsy; stages of epilepsy; drug treatment for epilepsy

Antidepressant drugs

Slides accompanying lecture looking at drug strategies in the treatment of depression

Aseptic Non Touch Technique

Lecture from Claire Townsend January 2017

Assessment of the patient with head injury

Slides accompanying lecture exploring a head injury case study

Autoregulation of cerebral blood flow

Slides accompanying lecture on autoregulation and treating raised ICP

Back Examination Lecture

Examination of the spine lecture by Dr S Frye 2019

Basic bone biology and bone remodelling

Slides accompanying lecture covering: bone structure; intramembranous and endochondral bone formation; how bone cells interact in bone remodelling; osteoporosis

Behaviours that can be challenging within an acute setting

Slides accompanying lecture describing behaviours shown by dementia patients and how to respond

Blood Glucose Lecture

Lecture from Mrs Claire Townsend January 2019

Blood supply to the CNS

Slides accompanying lecture on the vascular supply of the brain, covering: the arterial supply of the CNS; its venous drainage; cerebrovascular disease

Bones, muscles and falls

Slides accompanying lecture on osteoporosis and falls prevention


Slides accompanying lecture covering: the basic anatomy of the brainstem; common clinical lesion sites; correlating cranial nerve functions to brainstem reflexes

Brainstem and cranial nerve anatomy

Slides accompanying lecture on the anatomy of the brainstem and the cranial nerves

Breaking the cycle

Presentation by Claire Townsend Jan 19

Calcium homeostasis

Slides accompanying lecture exploring how calcium homeostasis is maintained, the disorders resulting from loss of calcium homeostasis and the skeletal changes occurring in rickets/osteomalacia

Clinical assessment of the gynae patient

Presentation by Dr Adele Barr Nov 2018

Clinical assessment of the gynaecology patient

Slides accompanying lecture on a gynaecological clinical assessment, covering history taking, examination, investigations and a case-based discussion

Clinical manifestations of HIV and AIDS

Slides accompanying lecture on HIV and AIDS, describing the clinical features and symptoms by system, and some clinical vignettes

Clinical vignettes - pituitary

Case studies for discussion

Common Problems in the Elderly

Presentation given by Dr Oswell Nov 2018

Cranial Nerves Presentation 2019

Lecture from Dr Frye

Cranial nerve anatomy and application

Lecture by Dr A Oswell 2018

Cranial nerve examination

Handout by Dr Sue Frye

Cushing's Syndrome

Lecture by Dr Andrew Oswell Nov 18

Cushing's syndrome - pituitary lecture by Dr Oswell

Slides accompanying lecture on the symptoms, signs, screening tests, investigations and treatment for Cushing's syndrome. Updated for 2015.


Presentation by Dr Y Al-Rawi

Dementia screening

Slides accompanying lecture covering: recent changes in screening; screening from a patient's perspective; comparing screening tools; the effects of screening on a patient and their family

Dementias and mild cognitive disorder

Slides accompanying lecture on dementia and MCI, covering: epidemiology; risk and genetics; differential diagnoses; assessment; types of dementia; management


Slides accompanying lecture on depression, covering: types of depression; diagnosis; history taking; psychological and pharmacological treatment

Depression Cases

Dr S. Frye November 2016

Development of the nervous system, motor and sensory systems - part 2

Slides accompanying session on the embryological development of the nervous system, and related clinical fetal malformations

Diagnosis & Medical Management of Dementia

Presentation given by Larissa Ryan

Drugs for Parkinsonism

Slides accompanying lecture on the drugs used to treat Parkinson's disease


Presentation by Mrs K Revell

Dysmenorrhoea Presentation

Presentation by Mrs K Revell Nov 2018

ECG Revision

Revision Lecture by Dr S. Frye January 2017

Early supported discharge team

Slides accompanying lecture on the ESD service

Endocrine Anatomy 2018

No description.

Endocrine Cases

Presentation by Dr R Crane & Ms N Chand Nov 2018

Endocrine anatomy

This lecture covers the anatomy and microscopic anatomy of pituitary gland, thyroid and parathyroid glands, pancreas, and adrenal gland. The first practical will cover same glands.

Endocrine control of the menstrual cycle

Slides accompanying lecture covering: functions of the menstrual cycle; timeline of female reproductive function; hormonal contraception


Slides accompanying lecture on the demographics, definitions, classifications and management of epilepsy

Epilepsy Lecture

Dr Crane/ Dr Oswell October 2019

Falls in the elderly

Falls in the elderly by Dr Gail Loudon, Clinical Falls Lead for RHCH AWHH.

Female reproductive system

Slides accompanying lecture on the gross anatomy of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, including their relation to surrounding structures, blood supply and innervation

GALS - gait, arms, legs, spine

Slides explaining GALS screening examination

Gametogenesis and Implantation

Presentation by Mrs R Behrens

Gametogenesis to implantation

Slides accompanying lecture on gametogenesis, fertlisation and implantation Dec 18

Gynae Case Based Discussion 2016

Slides describing history-taking, examination and investigations for a gynaecological case study

Gynaecology History & Investigations Lecture

Lecture from Mrs Kerry Sargant


Slides accompanying lecture on HIV, covering: epidemiology; clinical presentation; HIV testing; prevention

HIV quiz

Quiz to revise information covered in HIV lectures

Heavy menstrual bleeding

Presentation by Mrs K Sargant Nov 2018

Hip and shoulder

Slides accompanying lecture on the anatomy of the hip and shoulder, covering: the structure and function of synovial joints; the axilla and femoral triangle; the brachial and lumbosacral plexuses

History taking and GALS Lecture

Clinical assessment of the musculoskeletal system lecture from Dr S Frye 2019

How to take a Neurological History

Lecture from Dr Frye October 2019

How to take a neurological history

Slides by Dr Sue Frye

Immunology Workshop

No description.

Interactive discussion - dementia and delirium

Slides accompanying discussion of case presentation, comparing dementia and delirium

Introduction to Psychiatry

Presentation given by Dr Panos 13 Nov 2019

Introduction to psychiatry

Presentation by Dr Panos Prevezanos

Introduction to the reproductive system

Slides accompanying lecture describing the anatomy of the male reproductive system

Knee and elbow

Slides accompanying session covering: the structure and function of the knee and elbow; cubital and popliteal fossa; dermatomes and peripheral nerve distribution; myotomes

Learning and memory

Slides accompanying lecture covering: key psychological theories of learning and how these are relevant to treating and managing health conditions; key research findings regarding human memory, and the implications for students, doctors and patients.

Long-term care

Slides accompanying geronotology lecture looking at disability in older people and options for long-term care

Managing a safe environment for the confused patient

Presentation by Rachel Hayden, Dementia Team Nov 18

Maternal & Perinatal Mortality

Presentation given by Dr Golds - December 2019

Mature person: case scenario

Slides describing the examination, history, investigations, diagnosis and treatment for a case study of an older patient who has had a fall

Menopause Presentation

Presentation by Mrs K Sargant 2015, covering: the definition and pathophysiology; chronic conditions affecting PM health, HRT

Multiple sclerosis

Slides accompanying lecture on the pathology, diagnosis, treatment and management of MS

Muscle and innervation 1

Slides accompanying session covering: the micro and macroscopic structure of muscle; the sarcomere; the brachial and lumbrosacral plexuses

Muscles of the Neck

Overview of neck muscles

Nerve cells and response to injury

Slides accompanying lecture covering: neuroglia in the CNS and PNS; nerve cell injury; types of neuronal damage; degeneration and regeneration

Nervous and locomotor systems anatomy booklet

Booklet accompanying BM4 Year 2 anatomy teaching

Neuro Exam

Lecture from Dr Crane

Neurological examination

Slides accompanying lecture on carrying out a physical examination of the peripheral nervous system

Normal Labour

Presentation by Emma Gibson-Ellis

Normal birth

Slides accompanying lecture outlining the physiology of normal birth, and explaining how midwives facilitate normal birth and create a positive birth experience

Obstetric History Taking 2

Lecture by Dr Shah

Osteoarticular Pathology

Slides to accompany BM4 Year 2 lecture

Overview of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis

Slides accompanying session comparing the clinical and radiographic features of RA and OA; the presentation and management of RA and OA, and the role of the MDT in managing RA

Pain Management Lecture

Lecture from Sonia Rushby & Charlotte Dore

Pain Management Presentation

Presentation from Sonia Rushby 2019.

Parkinson's disease and movement disorders

Slides accompanying lecture covering: common movement disorders; clinical features of Parkinson's disease (iPD); treatments available

Pathology and pathogenesis of arthritis

Self-study module giving an overview of the pathogenesis and pathology of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Pathology of ageing and dementia

Slides accompanying lecture looking at how the brain changes with age and dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease and Huntingdon's disease

Pelvic Anatomy

Presentation by Dr N Brown

Pelvic Contents - BM4

No description.

Pelvic contents

This lecture contains the learning outcomes as same as in the practical ones. The lecture describes the gross structures of male and female reproductive systems. It will also be on the innervation of pelvic viscera. Some male and female models will available in the lecture hall.

Pelvis Anatomy - BM4

No description.

Peripheral neurological examination

A guide to peripheral neurological examination written by a student

Physical changes during pregnancy

Presentation by Mrs K Revell Dec 18

Physiological adaptations at birth

Slides accompanying lecture covering: birth; intrauterine life; foetal and neonatal circulation; the first breath; renal and other systems; jaundice and neonatal resuscitation

Physiological changes fetus to newborn

Presentation to Dr C Kirwin Dec 18

Physiology of the Menstrual Cycle

Presentation by Mrs R Behrens Nov 2018

Placental anatomy and function

Slides accompanying lecture covering: what the placenta does; placental structure at term; placental development; how the placenta functions as a barrier; how nutrients are transported across the placental barrier; how placental hormones change maternal physiology

Porter House Blues

Lecture from Dr A. Oswell

Porter House Blues Lecture

Lecture from Dr A Oswell 2018

Psychological adjustment in multiple sclerosis

Slides accompanying lecture on psychological adjustment to living with chronic illness, looking at multiple sclerosis

Psychological factors and interventions for chronic pain

Slides accompanying lecture covering: models, theories and research on the psychology of pain; the types of psychological interventions used in chronic pain

Psychological impact of HIV

Slides accompanying lecture by representative from the organisation 'Positive action - embracing life with HIV'

Puberty & Menopause

Lecture given by Dr L Rylah November 2019

Radiology Session 2 2019

Lecture from Dr Clive Vandervelde

Radiology Session 5

Lecture from Dr Clive Vandervelde

Recognition of self from non-self

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the function of T-cells; how antigens are processed and presented to T-cells; how T-cells recognise foreign antigens; how they know to respond only to these

Rehabilitation after head injury

Slides accompanying lecture describing the rehabilitation process for head injuries


Presentation on STIs & HIV - Dr Claire Holton 28/11/2019

Screening for Swallowing Problems

Lecture from Ailsa Bond and Suzanne Ramos, Speech and Language Therapists 2019

Services - Depression Risk Assessment

Presentation from Dr Gleeson

Session 4 Radiology

Lecture from Dr Clive Vandervelde

Sexual history taking

Presentation by Mrs K Revell Nov 2018

Skull and meninges

Slides accompanying lecture on the anatomy of head injury

Social aspects of ageing

Slides accompanying gerontology lecture on population ageing; the impact of longer life expectancy; changing working and family lives

Spinal Anatomy/Spinal Injury

Lecture by Dr Oswell October 2019

Spinal Cord Injury Lecture

Lecture from Mr Bandi

Spinal anatomy clinical cases

Slides accompanying lecture covering: sciatica; cauda equine syndrome; cervical brachalgia

Spinal cord

Slides accompanying lecture reviewing spinal cord anatomy and pathways, and relating this to spinal cord injury

Spinal cord - clinically relevant anatomy

Slides accompanying lecture on the anatomy of the spinal cord

Spinal imaging interpretation for the non-radiologist

Slides describing the available spinal imaging modalities and their common clinical indications; the pros and cons of each modality; the typical appearance of normal spinal anatomy and common pathologic findings

Stroke/brain injury radiology handout

Session 2 Stroke week handout produced by Dr Clive Vandervelde, Consultant Radiologist

Suggested resource links for medical students

Resource made available through GP network for all medical schools

Summary of the known major neurotransmitters

Table explaining the function of the main neurotransmitters, the effect of deficit and surplus for each, and how drugs can effect synaptic transmission


Slides accompanying lecture covering: the structures and mechanisms involved in swallowing; the clinical importance of swallowing

Taking a sexual history and sexually transmitted infections

Slides accompanying lecture covering: an introduction to taking a sexual history; common symptoms; summary of sexually transmitted infections (STIs); case scenarios

The Deteriorating Patient 2016

Presentation by Teresa Connolly and Lesley Hollister

The Mental Health Act

Presentation given by Dr Richard Crane

The doctors role in maintaining patient confidentiality and their responsibility to wider community

Slides accompanying lecture on HIV testing, looking at confidentiality and disclosure, and considering case scenarios

The gate control theory of pain

Information about the gate control theory of pain, from Chesterfield PCT Health Psychology service

The genetic and cellular basis of ageing

Slides accompanying lecture on the mechanisms of ageing; longevity genes; how genes influence ageing; syndromes of premature ageing. Also two papers for further reading.

The placenta

Presentation by Emma Gibson-Ellis December 2019

The spectrum of oxygen delivery systems

Presentation on oxygen therapy by Claire Townsend January 2020

The spine

Slides accompanying lecture on the anatomy of the vertebral column

Thyroid Assessment 2019

Lecture from Dr Frye

Thyroid clinical cases

Four example cases for conisderation

Transmission of electrical signals by the nervous system

Slides accompanying lecture covering: chemical and electrical gradients; membrane potential; generation of action potentials; transmission along nerves; synaptic and junctional transmission; initiation of action potentials in neurons

UPDATED Medicine Handbook 2016

Updated Medicine Handbook for First Rotation only.

Vertebral column

Slides accompanying lecture looking at the anatomy of the vertebral column

Viruses in medicine

Slides accompanying lecture exploring the different mechanisms of viral replication and the implications that these have for viral transmission, identification and control

Welcome to Winchester - BM4 Y2 useful information

Booklet containing information about the Winchester sessions for the BM4 course.

Yr 2 Immunology workshop

No description.

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