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'Safe' IV fluid prescription

Presentation by Dr S Wimbush Feb 2018

AKI Presentation 2019

Oliguria and Acute Kidney Injury presentation from Dr S Wimbush

Acid base balance (BM4)

Slides accompanying lecture covering: pH, acids, bases and buffers; handling acids and bases; control of acid base balance in the lungs and kidneys; metabolic acidosis

Acid base extra examples

Further examples accompanying session on acid base balance

Adult early warning scoring system

This scoring system has been designed to help both nursing staff and junior doctors to identify patients who are becoming seriously ill. It should be used on every adult patient after their observations have been done.

An introduction to epidemiological methods

Slides accompanying lecture covering: common epidemiologic studies; advantages and disadvantages of common study designs; types of error that may influence interpretation of study findings; Bradford Hill criteria

An introduction to oncology

Slides accompanying introductory lecture on cancer, covering: terminology; epidemiology; clinical presentation; diagnosis; staging; and treatment.

Anaemia Lecture

Slides accompanying lecture on anaemia, covering macrocytic, microcytic and normocytic anaemia

Anaemia Vignettes

Presentation given by J Turner / S Frye

Anatomy Tutorial - case studies

These are the 6 case studies along with the appropriate medical imaging, from the anatomy tutorial

Anatomy learning opportunities

Form designed to help you explore your learning activities both outside and in the Anatomical Sciences Laboratory (ASL).

Anatomy of muscles

Slides accompanying lecture on muscle anatomy covering: muscle tissue; structure of skeletal muscles; muscles of the body in action

Anatomy of the Human Urinary system

PowerPoint slides on the anatomy of the human urinary system

Anatomy of the respiratory system part 1. Upper RS

Anatomy of nasal cavity sinuses and larynx

Ankle and wrist

Slides accompanying anatomy lecture on the ankle and wrist joints.

Antibiotics - Antibiotic Stewardship

Slides accompanying session by Kordo Saeed Feb 19

Antimicrobials BM4

Slides accompanying lecture on antimicrobials covering: antibiotic resistance mechanisms; the targets and drug groups of antimicrobials; the antimicrobial mechanism of action; examples of first line uses for specific drugs

Assessing weight status and how weight status relates to disease risk

Assessing weight presentation from Obesity Week November 2016

Assessment and management at the end of life

Presentation by Dr Stephanie Killick

Assessment of the seriously ill patient

Presentation by Dr Steve Wimbush April 2019

Asthma symptoms and principles of management

Slides accompanying session on asthma, covering the principles of diagnosis and treatment

Atheroma, thrombosis and infarction

Slides to accompany BM4 pathology lecture

Autonomic Nervous System

No description.

Autonomic Nervous System - Diagrams

A collection of different diagrams showing anatomy of the autonomic nervous system.

Autonomic nervous system

Slides accompanying lecture on the autonomic nervous system, covering: the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system; the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system; the autonomic reflex arc

BIPAP (Non-Invasive Ventilation)

Presentation by Rachel Green and Jen Sims

BM4 Anticoagulants and Anti-platelet drugs

Handout for 'Anticoagulants and anti-platelet drugs' lecture to support Tony Sampson's BM4 Year 1 lecture, in versions with 1,2,3 or 6 slides per page.

BM4 FOM Anatomy Booklet

No description.

BM4 GI Anatomy Workbook

No description.

BM4 Introduction to Pharmacology (PRE-ARRIVAL material and Lecture in Introductory Week)

PRE-ARRIVAL review of the subject of Clinical Pharmacology (What is Pharmacology?) and Introudctory Week Lecture (How doe Drugs Work?) (BM4)

BM4 Year 1 Radiology Session 8

Lecture from Dr Kidd March 2020

BM4 Year1 workshop 2016

No description.

BM4 Yr1 FoM Booklet

No description.

BM4 Yr1 RCR1 Booklet

No description.

BM4 guide to Blackboard and MedShare

Guide to editing Blackboard and MedShare for those teaching on the BM4 course.

BM4 obesity week - dietitian talk

Slides accompanying session covering: the regulation of energy balance; the psycho-social impact of weight loss and gain; the principles of cognitive-behavioural weight loss programmes

BMI information

BMI information from Obesity Week

Bacterial infection of the lung

Slides accompanying lecture on bacterial infection of the lung, looking at the clinical and microbiological diagnosis of pneumonia; its treatment and prevention; bacterial infection in chronic lung disease

Basic embryology

Lecture slides describing in broad outline the stages of development of the embryo from conception to birth

Basic embryology

Added some slides to explain histology staining and epithelium

Basic histology

Lecture slides to accompany BM4 year 1 lecture (2020 - online Panopto lecture)

Biochemistry of metabolism

Slides accompanying lecture on the biochemistry of metabolism, covering: carbs; amino acids; fats; generation of ATP.

Blood gas maintenance and acid-base balance (BM4)

Slides accompanying lecture covering: respiratory failure; interpretation of blood gases; V/Q mismatch; acid base balance

Blood pressure

Measurement and monitoring of blood pressure. Clinical skills lecture by Claire Townsend 2019

Breast Cancer Overview Lecture

Lecture by Mrs Natalie Chand October 2019

Brief interventions in smoking cessation

Powerpoint presentation given by Claire Townsend Nov 17

Brief introduction to public health and epidemiology

Slides accompanying lecture covering: an overview of public health; how epidemiology is used in clinical practice; different types of prevention; the requirements of an effective screening programme

CVS examination handout

Please print out/ download and bring to session for note taking if you wish

CVS risk, Who do you think you are?

A session aimed to give an idea of how the practice of 'Evidence based Medicine' shapes clinical practice

Cardiac Function (BM4)

for BM4 Cardiac Function lecture

Cardiac History Taking

Presentation by Steve Wimbush Jan 2019

Cardiac function

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the cardiac cycle; what determines cardiac output; the physiology behind ECGs

Cardiac revision case

Slides and notes for cardiac case covering: history taking and presentation techniques; cardiac examination; formulating a differential diagnosis and management plan; interpreting and present ECG findings

Cell communication

Diagrams illustrating processes of cell communication

Cell cycle and chromosome number

Slides accompanying lecture covering: cell cycle; cell division; malignant transformation; oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes; mutations; chromosomal abnormalities; Down's syndrome epidemiology.

Cell death

Slides to accompany BM4 pathology lecture on cell death

Cell growth & cellular adaptations

Lecture slides to accompany BM4 year 1 lecture (2020 - online Panopto lecture)

Cerebral palsy - multidisciplinary team working

Case presentation of person with cerebral palsy to help analyse the roles of the multi disciplinary team

Changing health behaviours

Slides accompanying psychology lecture looking at the behaviour change techniques that can be used to help people change a health habit such as smoking

Child with diabetes - history taking and counselling

Notes on taking a diabetes history.

Clinical aspects of type 1 diabetes

Slides accompanying lecture giving an overview of diabetes mellitus, and exploring what diabetes is and how it is diagnosed and classified.

Clinical aspects of type 2 diabetes

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the epidemiology, aetiology and pathogenesis of Type 2 diabetes; clinical features and treatments; measures that might prevent or delay the onset

Clinical examination of the lower limb in diabetes handout

Clinical examination of the lower limb in diabetes including screening. Please download or print out in advance of the session

Clinical features of respiratory infections

Slides accompanying lecture on the clinical features of respiratory infections, including pneumonia and TB

Clinical physiology in the seriously injured patient

Slides accompanying lecture on major trauma, covering the causes of major trauma, the structured approach, catastrophic haemorrhage, case studies and accident prevention.

Coeliac case scenario

Slides covering case scenario for malabsorption week

Colorectal Cancer

Lecture on Colorectal Cancer by Mrs Natalie Chand. 2019

Colorectal Cancer 2020

Lecture from Mrs Natalie Chand

Colorectal Cancer Lecture

Lecture by Dr Natalie Chand

Colorectal Case

March 2019

Colorectal cancer

Presentation by Ms N Chand 2018

Colorectal cancer

Slides to accompany BM4 lecture on colorectal cancer (clinical aspects & adenoma-carcinoma sequence)

Colorectal carcinoma

Slides and notes accompanying session on the pathology and histopathology of colorectal cancer

Concepts of GI organisation

No description.

Concepts of GI organisation

No description.

Congenital disorders week morning video discussion

Please print out download and bring to the session. There are spaces to make notes on the video material we will be watching and also the questions to be discussed in groups

Control of blood pressure

Slides accompanying lecture on blood pressure regulation

Critical appraisal of RCT - calculation risk reductions

Slides looking at randomised controlled trials (RCT) and risk reduction.

Cytotoxics BM4

Drugs used in the treatment of cancer


Lecture given by Dr Wimbush

Death certification

Slides explaining the purposes and procedures for death certification

Definitions in lung disease

Definitions of the main groups of lung disorders

Describe the immunological changes occurring in asthma and how they result in the pathological changes seen

Notes describing intrinsic and extrinsic asthma; progression of the disease; t-cells in asthma; pathology

Development of respiratory system

Embryology of the human respiratory system

Development of the nervous system, motor and sensory systems - part 1

Slides accompanying session on the embryological development of the nervous system, and related clinical fetal malformations

Diabetes case studies 2017

Lecture by Dr J.Chong

Diabetes case studies precourse material

Please look at these in advance of Diabetes week

Diagnostic tests

Slides accompanying lecture on the commonly used diagnostic performance characteristics of a test

Dietician's role in obesity

Presentation by Camilla Cox Nov 2018

Differences between acute and chronic inflammation

Table listing the differences between acute and chronic inflammation

Digestion and absorption

Slides accompanying lecture covering: principles of digestion and absorption; how these are regulated; digestion and absorption of specific nutrients; malabsorption

Disability case studies from recent media:

Please look at in advance of Disabilities week; Slides looking at case studies of media coverage of disability,

Doppler and ABPI Lecture

Dopplers and Ankle Brachial Pressure Index Handout Jan 19

Downs week screening discussion

worksheet to bring on the day

Downs week screening pre course material

work sheet and resources

Downs week video Discussion worksheet

Questions to discuss on the day

Drugs used in the treatment of indigestion (dyspepsia), duodenal and stomach ulcers and gastro oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) BM4

Slides accompanying session describing the diseases of dyspepsia, GORD and peptic ulcer, and the drugs used to treat these

ECG Quiz 2018

Lecture with Dr Frye and Dr Wimbush Jan 18

ECG arrhythmias

Presentation by Dr Stephen Wimbush Jan 2020

Epidemiology of Outbreaks

Lecture Dr Kordo Saeed

Epidemiology of outbreaks

Presentation by Dr Claire Thomas March 2018

Evidence based medicine in practice - Part 1

Lecture slides accompanying introductory session on evidence based medicine

Evidence based medicine in practice - Part 2

Slides accompanying lecture on Randomised Controlled Trials and Critical Appraisal

Evidence summary sheet for strictly hypertension session

To Download or printout in advance for use on the day

Fluid balance

Slides accompanying lecture looking prescribing the correct IV fluids for patients

Foot screening in Diabetes

Dr Jo Turner 2019

Foregut and peritoneum

No description.

Foregut and peritoneum

No description.

From DNA to protein

Lecture slides accompanying session on: chromosomes, DNA, RNA and proteins; the structure of a gene; replication; transcription; translation and protein synthesis

From DNA to protein - additional material

Further slides accompanying the lecture 'From DNA to protein'


Slides accompanying session on fundoscopy, looking at the anatomy of the eye, examining the eye and the skill of fundoscopy.

Fundoscopy in 5 minutes Video Link

Mrs Fiona Carley, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital delivering a beginners guide to performing fundoscopy

GI Anatomy Workbook

No description.

Gillick Competence Handout

No description.

Glucose homeostasis

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the mechanism for maintaining glucose homeostasis and its relationship with lipid metabolism and insulin resistance; the physiological changes in diabetic ketoacidosis; how glucose is taken up into cells


Information on grieving and the grief cycle.

Ground Rules for Group Activities Winchester 2014

Ground Rules for Group Activities Winchester 2014

HLA and immunosuppression

Slides accompanying lecture on the role of HLA antigens in determining donor organ suitability for transplantation, and the drugs used for immunosuppression following transplantation

Hand and foot

Slides accompanying anatomy lecture on the hand and foot

Health Inequalities in Learning Disability: Accessing Healthcare

Lecture from Dr Frye and Dr Turner October 2019

Heart Sounds handout

Heart Sounds handout

Heart failure

Slides accompanying session looking at the anatomy and physiology of heart failure, its clinical presentation and management.

Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic diseases 2020

Lecture from Mrs Natalie Chand

Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic diseases lecture

Lecture given by Ms Chand March 2018

Hepatobiliary cases discussion sheet 2018

Discussion sheet Please Download/ printout in advance of discussion

Hepatobiliary scenarios 2020

Hepatobiliary case studies lecture session Dr Jo Turner

Histology of Lung Cancer

Slides accompanying lecture on the histology of lung cancer, describing the difference between non small cell and small cell lung cancer, and exploring how the histological type influences the prognosis, staging process and treatment options

History taking and presentation skills

Slides describing the approach and techniques for history taking and presenting information

How to investigate anaemia

Slides accompanying lecture on anaemia, covering diagnosis of iron deficiency, major causes of macrocytosis and the basics of haemolysis and haemoglobinopathies.

How to take a GI History

Slides accompanying lecture on history taking for GI conditions Dr S Wimbush

How tumours behave

Slides to accompany BM4 pathology lecture

Human obesity - science vs stigma

Slides accompanying Wade lecture on obesity

Hypertension - clinical assessment and management

Presentation by Dr Jo Turner Jan 19

Hypertension cases please download/print and bring see slides 40-46 of lecture

Hypertension cases, alternatively see slides 40-46 of lecture. Please download/print in either format and bring for discussion on the day


Slides accompanying session on the causes and consequences of hypoxia


Slides introducing the electrocardiogram (ECG), covering basic cardiac electrophysiology, the approach to interpretation and pattern recognition

Immunology workshop

Slides accompanying workshop looking at innate immunity and septic shock, and discussing antibodies and antigens.

Immunology workshop 2020

No description.

Infection in patients with diabetes mellitus

Slides accompanying lecture covering: why patients with DM have a higher risk of infection; specific infections in patients with DM; management and prevention of infection in diabetes.

Inflammation (including the pathological changes in TB)

Lecture slides to accompany BM4 inflammation lecture

Inflammatory bowel disease symposium BM4

Slides accompanying symposium on the pathology, immunology, pharmacology and clinical aspects of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Inhaler technique - speed v resistance

Slides accompanying session on the technique for using a metered-dose inhaler (MDI)

Innate Immunity

2019 lecture slides

Introduction to Anatomy

No description.

Introduction to Blackboard and MedShare for BM4 students

Overview of where to access your course resources, some useful tips for using Blackboard and MedShare, and where to find help

Introduction to Difficult Conversations

Lecture by Mrs Natalie Chand 2019

Introduction to Endocrinology Rohan Lewis 2014

Please use this resource Oct 2014

Introduction to Metabolism

No description.

Introduction to Metabolism

No description.

Introduction to Oncology (BM4 Oct 19)

for lecture on 21/10/19

Introduction to anatomy

Slides accompanying introductory lecture. Additional text available in the 'Notes' section. You can print one slide per page or save space and print up to 6 slides per page. You can also use laptop/tablet to make notes on the slides. This lecture will be recorded on Panopto.

Introduction to bronchoscopy

Lecture by Dr Alison Grove Dec 2017

Introduction to cell biology - cell structure and function

Slides accompanying introductory lecture, covering eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, and the role of subcellular compartments.

Introduction to immunology

Lecture slides accompanying introductory session on immunology, introducing the concept of adaptive and innate immunity as well as the types of white blood cells that exist

Introduction to infections

Lecture given by Professor Robert Read on bacteria as causes of disease

Introduction to pathogens and micro-organisms

Table summarising key information about and differences between viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.


Slides accompanying lecture on the absorption, transport and storage of iron

Key Moments in Smoking History

This documents lists key moments in smoking history (A-N). It is to use with the Smoking Timeline'.

Large bowel and rectum

Slides accompanying lecture on the anatomy of the caecum and vermiform appendix, colon, rectum and anal canal


Slides accompanying lecture describing the functions of the liver, covering: lipid and protein metabolism; the secretion and excretion of bilirubin; the metabolism of drugs


No description.


No description.


No description.

Liver, pancreas, gallbladder

Slides accompanying session on: GI circulation; portal-systemic anastomoses; structure of the liver.

Lung Cancer History and Investigations

Slides accompanying lecture using case histories to explore common presenting symptoms and signs of cancer; important aspects of a patient's history; the investigations currently used in the management of lung cancer

Lung Cancer Overview

Presentation by Dr N Williams

Lung Cancer Plenary Lecture

Lecture from Dr Jullian

Lung Cancer Treatment

presentation given by Dr Nolan during Respiratory Malignancies week

Lung cancer

Slides and notes accompanying pulmonary pathology lecture covering: risk factors; symptoms and signs of lung cancer; classification of lung tumours; non-small cell and small cell carcinomas; tumour spread; staging; relative survival rates

Lung cancer - treatment options

Slides detailing treatment options for lung cancer including surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitors, local treatments.

Lung cancer workshop - with a focus on the impact of smoking and health inequalities

Slides accompanying workshop looking at the impact of smoking on health, discussing: whether or not tobacco should be an illegal drug; the concept of stigma; the roles gender and class play in health inequalities

Lung mechanics and the carriage of oxygen

Slides accompanying lecture covering: gas pressures and partial pressure; an overview of lung mechanics; oxygen carriage and delivery


Delivered by Dr Frank Murphy

MDT working with long term conditions

Presentation given by Hannah Clarke 16/10/2018


Presentation by Dr S Wimbush January 2020

Malabsorption 2020

Lecture from Mrs Natalie Chand 2020

Malabsorption Lecture

Lecture from Dr Chand on malabsorption and dyspepsia

Male and female catheterisation

Presentation by Sheryl Lucero Jan 18

Management of the seriously ill patient

Presentation by Dr S Wimbush May 19

Management of the seriously injured patient

Slides accompanying lecture covering: reception of trauma patients; primary survey; secondary survey; radiology; procedures; limb injuries; spinal injuries

Mendelian inheritance

Slides accompanying lecture on genetic inheritance

Metabolic adaptations to feeding, fasting and starvation

Slides accompanying session on fat and carbohydrate metabolism, looking at the metabolic response to fasting, starvation and feeding

Metabolic response to the basal and starved states

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the metabolic adaptations to the basal and starved states specific to carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism; the functions of the liver in relation to these

Midgut and Hindgut

No description.

Midgut and Hindgut

No description.

Midgut and Hindgut

No description.

Midwives presentation to BM4 First year students Oct 2015

an overview of pregnancy and the management of normal Labour

Midwives presentation to BM4 Yr 1 students Oct 17

An overview of pregnancy and the management of normal labour

Motivating Behaviour Change

Presentation by Claire Townsend for BM4 Metabolic Disorders Week Nov 2016

Mouth to small bowel

Slides accompanying anatomy lecture introducing the gastrointestinal (GI) system, and describing the components and the main functions of the GI tract

Multi-Disciplinary Team Lecture 2019

Congenital Disorders Week Lecture from P.Leake


No description.

Obesity - causes and consequences

Slides accompanying lecture looking at the rising prevalence of obesity and its implications for health and healthcare.

Obesity Overview Lecture

Lecture by Mrs N Chand

Obstruction and Restriction Lecture

Lecture by C. Townsend

Oxygen and Inhaler Technique

Lecture from Mrs Claire Townsend Nov 2018


Slides by Claire Townsend Nov 2018

Palliative Care Lecture

Slides accompanying session by Maddy Thomson looking at what is meant by palliative care, who provides it, and commonly reported symptoms

Pathology of asthma & chronic obstructive airway disease

Slides accompanying BM4 year 1 asthma & COPD lecture.

Pathology of shock

Slides accompanying BM4 year 1 lecture on the pathology of shock (2020)

Peer teaching initiative

Slides accompanying session on peer teaching, looking at communication skills and feedback

Peerwise introduction

No description.

Peptic ulcer symposium BM4

Slides accompanying symposium covering various aspects of GI diseases and their treatment

Peripheral vascular disease

Presentation by Ms N Chand Jan 19

Peripheral vascular system

Slides accompanying lecture on the structure and function of different types of blood vessels

Peritoneum and the Foregut

No description.

Pharmacokinetics 1 (BM4 lecture)

First of two pharmacokinetics lectures by Tony Sampson for BM4 Y1.

Pharmacokinetics 2 (BM4 lecture)

Second of two pharmacokinetics lectures by Tony Sampson for BM4 Y1 students

Pharmacology of Heart failure (BM4)

Handout from Tony Sampson for BM4 lecture on 'Pharmacology of Heart Failure'.

Pharmacology of Hypertension (BM4)

Handout for BM4 anti-hypertensive drugs lecture by Tony Sampson. PPT and PDF (6 slide) versions.

Pharmacology of Myocardial Infarction (BM4)

Handout for BM4 lecture by Tony Sampson on drugs for angina and myocardial infarction, and statins.

Pharmacology of asthma

Slides accompanying lecture on asthma relievers and preventers

Pharmacology of the autonomic nervous system

Slides accompanying pharmacology lecture on the autonomic nervous system (ANS)

Physiology of shock

Slides accompanying lecture on shock, covering: osmotic forces; blood pressure regulation; the physiological responses to shock

Physiology of the autonomic nervous system

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the divisions of the ANS; neurotransmitters and receptors; actions of the ANS; interactions of the SNS and PSNS; central nervous involvement; micturition

Practical impact of Downs syndrome, development and associated conditions

Powerpoint lecture, practical impact of Downs syndrome, Child development, milestones and associated conditions

Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease 2021

Presentation by Dr. Turner 2021.

Professionalism in practice: GMC standards

Slides accompanying lecture on the General Medical Council standards and guidance, and professionalism.


Measuring heart rate(pulse) and introduction to blood pressure. Lecture by Claire Townsend Nov 2019

RCR Anatomy 2016/17

Electronic version of the Anatomy booklet for Respiratory, Cardiovascular and Urinary systems.

Radiology Session 1

Lecture from Dr Kidd

Radiology Session 2

Lecture from Dr Kidd

Radiology Session 3

Lecture from Dr Kidd

Radiology Session 5

Session 5 from Dr Kidd

Renal cases 2018

Presentation by Dr S Wimbush Feb 2018

Renal pathology

Slides accompanying lecture looking at the clinical presentations of renal pathology and the classification of kidney disease

Renal pathology

Slides to accompany BM4 renal pathology lecture.

Renal physiology 1 - glomerular function

Slides accompanying lecture covering: functions of the kidney; the renal filter; GFR and net filtration pressure; regulation of GFR

Renal physiology 2 - renal tubular function

Slides accompanying lecture covering: reabsorption and secretion; transport within cells; hormonal control; diuretic action

Respiratory A & P

Slides from interactive session on Tuesday

Respiratory A&P recap

No description.

Respiratory Examination handout

Respiratory Examination handout to print out and bring on the day. Dr Jo Turner Nov 2019

Respiratory Infections

Lecture by Dr Claire Thomas, Consultant Clinical Microbiologist, Nov 19

Respiratory Tract Infections

Lecture by C.Petridou

Respiratory failure, oxygen therapy and blood gas interpretation

Slides accompanying lecture covering: basic respiratory physiology; respiratory failure in biochemical and clinical terms; oxygen therapy; approach to blood gas interpretation

Respiratory tract infections glossary

Glossary of terms and abbreviations for respiratory infections

Scenarios of acutely unwell patients

case study discussions

Searching for academic literature

Slides accompanying session covering: subject resources; information gateways and databases; search strategies; medicine and evidence-based resources; using controlled vocabulary.

Seriously Injured Patient scenarios

Handout to accompany presentation by N Chand May 2019


Slides accompanying lecture on aspects of shock, including: causes; pathological changes; physiological mechanisms; inotropic drugs; disorders of acid-base balance; antimicrobial therapy


No description.

Smoking Cessation

Presentation given by Sophie Krousti on 26/27 November 2019

Smoking Timeline

Use this timeline to write the events listed A-N on the document titled 'Key Moments in Smoking History' according to what year you think they happened.

Social and behavioural aspects of HIV and AIDS

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the current global and UK situation with regards to HIV and AIDS; social and behavioural issues

Somatic Nervous System

No description.

Somatic nervous system

Slides accompanying lecture on the somatic nervous system, covering: histology; organisation of the nervous system; reflex arc; spinal nerve.

Special circulation

Slides accompanying lecture covering lymphatic circulation, anastomoses, and circulation of the liver and kidneys

Spirometry 2

Lecture by Claire Townsend November 2016

Standardising anthropometric measurements

Definitions for measurements of height, weight and waist and hip circumference.

Start of Life Handout

Lecture by Dr Jo Turner 2018

Start of Life Lecture

Lecture from Dr. J Turner 08.10.2019

Strictly hypertension

Evidence based medicine and how it has shaped clinical management

Student support

Lecture slides accompanying session looking at the role of senior and personal academic tutors, and the support available for students in the Faculty of Medicine.

Taking A Respiratory History

Handout for S Wimbush Session in Respiratory Week 1

Taking a Medical History 2019

Lecture by Dr J. Turner

Termination of pregnancy

Information about the regulations governing termination of pregnancy in the UK.

The 12 lead ECG

Presentation by Claire Townsend Jan 2019

The Heart.

Revision lecture - innervation and development of the heart.

The Interpretation of respiratory signs

Table of signs in different clinical conditions for completion on the day

The Medical interview

Introduction to communicating with patients. Dr Jo Turner 2018

The anatomical basis of respiratory cancers

The anatomy of respiratory cancer and its spread

The health and treatment of people with learning difficulties

Slides considering how society's attitudes can influence the health and treatment of people with learning disabilities.

The heart and great vessels

Slides accompanying lecture on the anatomy of the heart

The role of a Diabetic Nurse

Lecture November 2016

The skeletal system

Lecture slides describing the key features of the bones of the skeleton and how these bones articulate at the major joints

The subdivisions of lung volume

Diagram showing the subdivisions of the lung volume

The surgical sieve with respiratory examples

A method for helping you think of the possible underlying causes of any clinical condition

Thorax part 1

Thoraci cage

Timeline of pregnancy Oct 17

Part of midwives presentation

Triggers for inflammatory disease and autoimmunity

Slides accompanying lecture on the development of autoimmune disease, including coeliac disease, Croehn's disease and multiple sclerosis

Tuberculosis: infection, diagnosis and treatment

Slides accompanying lecture on TB, covering its epidemiology; clinical spectrum; pathophysiology; investigating suspected cases and treatment principles



Understanding basic statistics

Slides accompanying session covering: Exposures and outcomes; Populations and samples; Hypothesis tests; P-values and confidence intervals; Descriptive statistics; Measures of association - continuous outcome variables and binary outcome variables; Prevalence and incidence

Understanding nutrition's role in cancer outcomes

Presentation by Barbara Parry Nov 2017

Ups not Downs

Link to a video showing the life of a young boy with Downs syndrome and his Family

Urethral catheterisation

Slides explaining the reasons and procedure for catheterisation


Lecture from Claire Townsend 2018

Viruses in Medicine

No description.

Viruses in Medicine

No description.

Weight Assessment 2015

International Standards for Anthropometric Assessment for measuring body mass, stature, waist, hip. Uploaded November 2015

What doctors do and how students learn on BM4

Slides accompanying lecture introducing the BM4 team, the course structure and features of the course.

What is a good death?

Slides describing: the principles of palliative care for people with a terminal illness; the concept of death and dying as a social construct; and different cultural attitudes to death and dying

What to say and what not to say in Down's Syndrome

A glossay of commoonly used acceptable terms produced by the Down's Syndrome Association

What you need to know about screening

Information about screening, including definitions, requirements, and advantages and disadvantages.

Year 1 grand scenario

Slides working through emergency case

anatomy of the peripheral vascular and lymphatic systems

anatomy of the peripheral vascular and lymphatic systems

eFolio - online student portfolio

Slides explaining the purpose of eFolio, how to use it and what you will need to do during Year 1

embryology of the heart. AND foetal circulation

1. Lecture on the embryology of the human heart 2. Lecture on the anatomy of the foetal circulation

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