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Assessment of a breathless patient

Introduction to Respiratory SSU

Bhugra - Teaching Psychiatry Through Cinema

Classic Paper by an important author.

Bulimia Session Outline - SSU

Session Outline for the Bulimia SSU - Sharing The Secret

Byrne - Comments on Bhugra

Byrne's view on Bhugra's Paper.

Cinema Education

Classic paper on learning through Cinema.

Dirty, Filthy Love - OCD - Reading Material

Matieral for the SSU topic on OCD - Movie: Dirty, Filthy Love.

Eating Disorders - A Summary

Summary of Eating Disorders for the SSU

ICD 10 - Criteria for Eating Disorders

This is the ICD Criteria for Eating Disorders

Iris - Dementia SSU Reading Material

Set of 3 documents - Reading Material for SSU.

Lung transplant

Slides accompanying respiratory medicine SSU

SSU - Criminal Responsibility - Reading Material

Documents to read for the film 'M'.

Sharing The Secret - Movie

This is a bio on the movie - Sharing The Secret

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