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Academic foundation posts

Slides accompanying session from Introduction to Year 5 talk on academic foundation posts (AFPs)

Breaking Significant news

A very short summary of things to consider when breaking significant news by John Perry

Case Discussion Guidance for PPD

Overview of the sorts of questions and things we want to think about in the Final Year PPD tutorials

Communicating Uncertainty

A podcast by Dr Jane Wilkinson discussing the challenges of communicating with patients and relatives when the diagnosis is not clear

Communication Skills Guidance

Summary written by John Perry on tips to remember when thinking about communication skills

Doctors' health and wellbeing

Slides accompanying talk from the Introduction to Year 5 programme

Final Year PPD timeline and guidance for Tutors and Students

This document gives students and facilitators the timeline for their tutorial, and a template to be used as they prepare for the case discussion in week 2-3

Final year PPD intro Clip 1 2020/21

Dr Ian Rodd explaining why we have a PPD module in final year.

First impressions count

Day one of a job, and communication breaks down

GMC - medical professionalism

Slides accompanying talk from the Introduction to Year 5 programme

How do I stay competent and sane?

Approaches to staying up to date in general practice

Introduction to Final Year

Slides accompanying talk from the Introduction to Year 5 programme

Introduction to Final Year PPD Block 1

The first block of the final year PPD module looks at Communication, Partnership and Teamwork. This is a short introductory audio

Introduction to Final year PPD

Short audio introduction by Dr Ian Rodd

Introduction to the Foundation Programme and how to apply for it

Slides accompanying lecture from Dr Mike Masding, head of Wessex Foundation School, advising on the application process for the Foundation Programme

Managing uncertainty

Maybe there isn't an answer, but what do you do then?

PPD Block 1 Week 6 video

Final year PPD module, week 6 video (block 1)

PPD Final Year intro clip 2 2020/21

Dr Ian Rodd discusses a PPD case in the Intro to PPD lecture

PPD tutorial prompts

We always encourage the students to think about these aspects of any story

Personal and professional development

Slides accompanying talk from the Introduction to Year 5 programme, introducing the PPD module

Pushy or Passionate?

Final Year PPD podcasts - Block 1, Dr Ian Rodd Speaks about a difficult issue in communication

Short PPD tutorial Outline

1 Page notes for facilitators of the final year PPD tutorials

Thinking beyond finals: applying for your Foundation Programme

Slides accompanying talk from the Introduction to Year 5 programme

Trust story example

No description.

Tutorial Guidance for Final Year PPD module

Basic structure to the tutorial - not an exhaustive rigid guide!

Written Complaint to Dr Rodd

This letter was received by the Trust, and supports the Video and SJT style questions at the beginning of the Communications block of the final year PPD module

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