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Anatomy of elbow and knee

No description.

Anatomy of the elbow and knee

This lecture will cover the structures of the elbow and knee joints associated with some clinical examinations and injuries

Anatomy of the elbow and knee region

Slides accompanying lecture covering: knee and elbow joints; cubital and popliteal fossae; the embryology of the limbs; dermatones and cutaneous nerves

Anatomy of the hand and foot

Slides accompanying session covering: the joints of the hand and foot; intrinsic and extrinsic muscles; the blood supply and lymphatic drainage of the limbs; the consequences of peripheral nerve injuries

Anatomy of the wrist and ankle joints

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the ankle and wrist joints; how muscles act upon these joints; the carpal tunnel; the nerve supply of the forearm and leg

Assessing the critically ill or injured patient

An explanation of how to recognise a critically ill patient, and a structured approach to assessing and treating such a patient

Assessing the demand for energy

Slides accompanying lecture looking at how to estimate energy requirements, and the impact of activity behaviour on energy requirements

BM5 Year 1 Immunology of Rheumatoid Arthritis 2021

Slidedeck for Immunology of Rheumatoid Arthritis Lecture

Bodies and minds - What is normal?

Lecture slides - for use after the lecture

Bone disease symposium

Slides accompanying symposium on bone disease, covering: types of bone; bone remodelling; osteoporosis and osteomalacia

Calcium homeostasis

Slides accompanying lecture on Calcium homeostasis

Central and peripheral nervous systems histology and physiology

Slides accompanying session covering: cell types and roles within the CNS and PNS; neuronal transmission within the CNS and PNS

Communication skills, body language and non-verbal communication

Slides accompanying session on body language and non-verbal communication

Compartment Syndrome Case - Week 4 Practical Anatomy

Questions with suggested answers

Disability and rehabilitation

Slides accompanying session on the impact of neurological disease on people's lives, and ways in which doctors and other health professionals can minimise this impact

Functions of articular and growth plate cartilage

Slides accompanying session on the physiology of bone

Fundamentals of Prescribing

BM5/6/EU Year 1 introductory lecture on Prescribing by Riehanh Khan

Gait - a clinician's perspective

Slides and notes accompanying symposium on gait, looking at what gait is and why it matters, how it is assessed, and examples of different gait patterns.

Genetic Testing - Power and Pitfalls AC

lecture slides for lecture Power and Pitfalls

Genetic investigation in a clinical setting - part 3

Slides accompanying lecture describing DNA tests and how these can be used for diagnosis and treatment in clinical practice

Genetics Lecture - Variant Interpretation

Lecture slides for genetics lecture - Variant Interpretation

Healing of wounds and fractures

Lecture slides to accompany BM5 year 1 wound healing lecture

Healing of wounds and fractures

Slides to accompany BM5 year 1 pathology lecture

Imaging the locomotor system

Slides and notes accompanying lecture introducing the different alternatives in musculoskeletal imaging including: plain films; ultrasound; CT; MRI; nuclear medicine

Immunology of Rheumatoid Arthritis 2020

This lecture presents basic information on the immunology of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The lecture focuses on RA as an exemplar autoimmune disease to demonstrate in a clinically relevant way the importance of the immune system to disease pathogenesis and treatment.

Introduction to Prescribing

No description.

Introduction to orthopaedic surgery

Slides accompanying lecture exploring what orthopaedics is, the history and types of orthopaedics, what the sub specialities involve and advice for getting into orthopaedics.

Introductory Symposium: Locomotor Module

Introduction to the module.

Learning from experience

Slides accompanying session covering: personal development plans (PDPs); effective teams; risk management

Lecture 01 Resource: Introduction to Clinical Genetics Booklet

A summary of genetics teaching in the BM5/EU course years, including useful reading and online resources.

Lecture 01: Introduction to Clinical Genetics BM5 2020

Lecture slides for Introduction to Clinical Genetics

Lecture 02 Resource: Mendelian patterns of inheritance

Lecture handout for BM5 lecture on Mendelian patterns of inheritance

Lecture 02: Genetics - Patterns of inheritance in families

Slides accompanying lecture identifying common patterns of inheritance in families, and why this is important

Lecture 03 Resource: Mutations causing disease

Handout accompanying lecture on mutations, summarising the different types of mutations and their molecular consequences

Lecture 03: Genetics - Mutations causing disease

Slides accompanying lecture on mutations, using the examples of cystic fibrosis, Duchenne muscular dystrophy and osteogenesis imperfecta

Lecture 04 Resource: Genetics - Notes on Non-Mendelian inheritance I and II

Handout accompanying lectures on non-Mendelian genetics, covering: mitrochondrial inheritance; gene imprinting; polygenic or multifactorial inheritance; mosaicism; dynamic mutations and repetitive DNA

Lecture 04: Genetics - Non-Mendelian patterns of inheritance I

Slides accompanying first lecture on non-Mendelian genetics, covering: mitochondrial inheritance; dynamic mutations (trinucleotide repeat expansions); mosaicism

Lecture 05: Genetics - Non-Mendelian patterns of inheritance II

Slides accompanying second lecture on non-Mendelian genetics, covering: X-activation; gene imprinting; risk calculation

Lecture 05_Genetics - Calculation of recurrence risk

Slides demonstrating the calculation of recurrence risk, using the example of cystic fibrosis

Lecture 06: Genetic investigation part 1 chromosomes

Slides accompanying lecture introducing the use of chromosome analysis in clinical practice. Patient images have been removed.

Lecture 07: Genetic investigation part 2 levels of analysis

Slides accompanying second lecture on genetic investigations in a clinical setting

Lecture 3: DNA Mutations

No description.

Lecture 5: Non-Mendelian II

No description.

Lecture 6 Resource: Clinical Investigation - chromosomes

Notes for lecture: Clinical investigation - chromosomes

Locomotor disorders - neuromuscular perspectives

Slides accompanying lecture describing disorders of the motor unit

Mechanisms of injury

Slides accompanying lecture on the mechanics of injury, looking at biomechanics; bone, soft tissue and joint injury; polytrauma

Microanatomy: Bone growth, development, and repair

Slides accompanying lecture on the development growth and repair of cartilage and bone.

Muscle structure and contraction

Slides accompanying lecture introducing the molecular structure of muscle and the mechanism of muscle contraction

NLM1 Anatomy Revision Session

How to take most of your revision? What to focus on?

NLM1 booklet electronic version

A pdf version of the NLM1 practical anatomy booklet

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the history of NSAIDs; roles of prostaglandins; cyclo-oxygenases (COX); adverse effects of NSAIDs; clinical uses of NSAIDs

Nutrition, protein, growth and metabolism

Slides accompanying session exploring protein, amino acid and nitrogen intake in relation to muscle and bone metabolism, as a fundamental aspect of health and disease

PPD symposium 8 - Learning from what we get wrong and when we are challenged

Part 2: Prevention. Slides accompanying symposium looking at risk management and responding to complaints and concerns.

PPD symposium 8 - learning from what we get wrong and when we are challenged

Part 1: Incidence and causation. Slides accompanying symposium looking at risk management and responding to complaints and concerns.

Paediatric orthopaedics

Slides accompanying lecture on paediatrics relating to the locomotor and nervous systems

Pathology Tutorial 4: A patient with a fractured hip

Pre-tutorial material for the BM5 Year 1 tutorial which will take place on 1 February (on Blackboard Collaborate). The version with answers has now been uploaded.

Peripheral Nerve Injury Table - Practical Anatomy Week 4

List of possible peripheral nerve injuries in table format with suggested answers/symptoms from injury

Pharmacology of the neuromuscular junction

Slides accompanying lecture on the pharmacology of the neuromuscular junction (NMJ)

Physical Activity & Health symposium

Modified slides from PA & health lecture

Physical activity and health

Slides accompanying symposium on the health benefits of physical activity, looking at how active we are in the UK and recommendations for increasing physical activity

Physical activity and health (part 1): Physical activity, is it worth getting out of bed for?

Evidence and mechanisms linking physical activity, fitness and health. Measurement dilemmas and recommendations for physical activity.

Physical activity and health (part 2): The Secrets to Getting Active

Trends in physical activity, barriers and enablers of change, interventions for individuals and populations

Preparation for PPD Symposium 8

Details of the group tasks to be completed in preparation for PPD Symposium 8, 'Learning from what we get wrong and when we are challenged'.

Reflexes and motor control

No description.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

PowerPoint file with Lecture slides Word document with summary of immune mechanisms of RA Word document with clinical case and RA questions for tutorials (worksheet)

Social Model of Disability Lecture

Slides accompanying session examining social and medical models of disability using the example of cochlear implants

Somatosensory system and reflexes

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the sense organs in the periphery and their connection to the CNS; the co-localisation of sensory and motor pathways in the spinal cord; the functional integration of sensory and motor pathways in spinal reflexes

Structure-function relationships in bone

Slides accompanying session on the physiology of bone

The medical model of disability / the social model of disability

Diagram comparing the medical or individual model of disability with the social or structural model

The neuromuscular junction

Slides accompanying lecture covering: motor control; the structure of the neuromuscular junction (NMJ); signal transduction at the NMJ; pathophysiology of the NMJ

Tutorial on neuromuscular junction (NMJ) pharmacology

Question sheet for pharmacology tutorial on the neuromuscular junction

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