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4th Year Paediatrics Timetable

4th Year Paediatrics Timetable for weeks at RHCH and BNHH

4th Year Paediatrics WA Attachments

Timetable for 4th Year Paediatrics starting in January 2017 of their attachments at schools during their WA week.

4th year Child Health module

Introduction and overview for Year 4 Child Health module, looking at the aims, structure and assessment of the module

ASD (Poole)

No description.

ASD 2 (Poole)

No description.

Adolescent Health & Development

Dr Scott-Jupp's lecture from week 8 on Adolescence

Adolescent Health and Development Seminar Slides

Seminar given in Portsmouth covering adolescent health and development and transition

Allergy (Soton)

No description.

Asthma & CF (Portsmouth)

No description.

CHild Health Teaching Video - thinking about different presentations and approaches

We did an nline teaching session in which we talking through a focussed history and examination in a range of paediatric conditions. Students should have a go at construction their own approach to these, and then see how we got on. They can then look at the powerpoints that all the students collaboratively put together

Cardiology (Portsmouth)

No description.

Cardiology (Soton)

No description.

Child Health SIP Questions

PowerPoint slides from the SIP lecture for Child Health. There are no answers on these slides. Please contact me about any questions that may arise. James

Child Protection/child safeguarding lecture

Slides provided at seminar in Portsmouth by Dr Jo Crane

Child development

Health Visitor presentation Portsmouth

Clinical Ethics and Law (Child Health Seminar slides)

Slides used for seminar in Portsmouth

Clinical Ethics and the Law lecture

Lecture designed for week 1 of Hub week in Poole to cover CEL Child Health Components

Cough and Wheeze in Children

PDF of Dr Julian Legg's Southampton teaching session on Cough and Wheeze in children.

DKA for 4th year medical students

DKA pathophysiology for medical students (with thanks to Dr Trevelyan for some of the slides)

Dermatology Handbook

Derm handbook created by the British Dermatology Association.

Developmental assessment lecture

30min Lecture given in Portsmouth outlining how developmental assessment is carried out

Diabetes Mellitus (Poole)

No description.

Diabetes in children lecture for 4th year medical students

Lecture for Poole hub week 1 students (intro to childrens diabetes and DKA)

Disability seminar

Seminar addressing legal, attitudinal and educational aspects of childhood disability

Dr Pathak's 4th Year Paeds Neurology Teaching

Epilepsy, reduced consciousness and headaches


Slides from Dr Chrissie Jones talk on Paediatric Fever

Foot Problems in Childhood

A discussion of foot problems occurring in childhood including important differential diagnoses and the normal movements and position of the foot.

GI Lecture for medical students

Lecture on Paediatric Gastroenterology for medical students

Genetics and Dysmorphology in Practice

Dr Scott-Jupp's week 8 talk on dysmorphology (abnormal appearance or formation) in children. Considers what can go wrong and wrong syndromes we commonly see.

Growth & Puberty (Poole)

No description.

Growth and All That

NT lecture to previous 3rd year on how to measure children and what to do when they're not growing.

Growth and puberty lecture for BM4 2019

Adapted (minimally) from Nicola Trevelyan's talk


A Psychosocial history tool for use in adolescents.

HHFT 4th Year Paediatrics Week 1 History and Examination Introduction

Slides to accompany a general introduction to the issues that present when taking histories, examinaing and investigation children

HHFT Causes of Developmental Delay and How to Investigate

Dr Porter's Talk on an approach to developmental delay, looking at how to investigate and think about a child with developmental delay

HHFT Paediatric CEL introduction

This is the talk we are using in HHFT - it does not cover the Safeguarding side of things, and is an introduction to the problems we encounter more commomnly in Paediatrics

HHFT Paediatric Nephrology Guidelines

This document contains everything that is covered in the Nephrology Teaching we do in the Week 2 Seminar and in Week8

HHFT Paediatrics - BLS

No description.

HHFT Paediatrics - More advanced approaches

This is a larger presentation, covering an approach to the problems of acute paediatrics, shock, sepsis, resuscitation and decisions about when to stop. Some but not all of these slides are used in week 1

HHFT Safeguarding Teaching

Teaching session developed by Dr Haywood for HHFT Foundation doctros, adapted for 4th year session

HHFT Safeguarding Teaching Notes

These are the notes to accompany the teaching delivered in week 1 of the HHFT 4th Year Paediatrics module

HHFT notes on Nephro topic and febrile child theme

These are the notes to accompany the talk, generally given in week 2

HHFT the pale child

No description.

Haematology (Portsmouth)

No description.

Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome

Slides from Dr Haq's nephrology teaching. This case relates to HUS.

Headache Teaching

Teaching slides from Dr Alderton's headache lecture (missing images subject to copyright)

Health promotion

Slides accompanying lecture covering the key features of the Health Child Programme and key areas of health promotion

Hearing & Vision (Poole)

No description.


Case presentation for a child with high blood pressure.

Immunisation (Poole)

No description.

Infant Feeding

Slides used in teaching session in Portsmouth

Learning Disability Seminar

Seminar given in portsmouth covering Learning disability and Autistic Spectrum conditions in children.

Neonatal Medicine

Lecture on Neonatal medicine delivered as part of the Year 3 curriculum.

Nephrotic Syndrome

Rodney Gilbert's lecture on nephrotic syndrome.

Nephrotic Syndrome

Slides from teaching presentation by Dr Shuman Haq. This is a case of Nephrotic Syndrome.

Non-Accidental Injury - The Orthopaedic Perspective

Discussion of Non-Accidental Injury in Children. Includes an overview of the issue followed by a presentation on radiological findings that should raise concerns about NAI

Paediatric Attachment Handbook 2018-2019 RHCH&BNHH

This handbook contains information about your paediatric placement and teaching sessions when on placement in Winchester and Basingstoke Hospital. Please note that the days/dates of these sessions may change.

Paediatric Consultation

Week 1 seminar delivered in Portsmouth. Covers challenges of involving children in consultations

Paediatric Gastroenterology

No description.

Paediatric Gastroenterology

No description.

Paediatric Hip Problems

Presentation on hip problems occurring in infancy and childhood

Paediatric Nephrology HHFT lecture

Introduction to Paediatric Nephrology

Paediatric Rashes (Poole)

No description.

Paediatric Surgery Lecture

Paediatric Surgery lecture delivered to previous Year 3. Suitable for year 4 curriculum. (Says part 1 but edited to include all parts)

Paediatric Trauma

Presentation on the management of trauma in childhood including both major trauma and more simple fractures

Palliative Care

Michelle Koh's lecture on Palliative Care in Children.

Physical Disability Seminar

Seminar given in Portsmouth

Presentation on Dietetic Support for Paediatrics

Presentation on Dietetic Support for Paediatrics by Michelle Simpson and Alison Sheltrum


Rheumatology teaching for Undergraduate Medical Students by Dr Scott-Jupp

Room Bookings for 4th Year Child Health Teaching

Room Bookings for 4 Year Child Health Teaching - Winchester

Room Bookings for 4th Year Paediatric Placement starting January 2017

List of room bookings at RHCH for those on 4th Year Paediatric placement starting 9th January 2017

Rotation 4 Week 2-7 Timetable - 4th Year Child Health

Rotation 4 Week 2-7 Timetable - 4th Year Child Health

Seizures Disorders in Childhood

Neil Thomas' lecture on the differential diagnosis of fits, faints and funny turns.

Sexual Health and Law Seminar

Seminar delivered in Portsmouth covering sexual and health and related law for adolescents

The Floppy Infant (Poole)

No description.

The Limping Child

An amalgamated slide set from the work of Alex Aarvold and Helen Rutkowska. Covers the principle differentials of children presenting with limp at all ages.


Discussion of UTI in children

UTI in Children

Discussion of presentation, diagnosis and management of Urinary Tract Infection in Children

WA Weeks Rotation 4 Timetable - 4th Year Child Health

WA Weeks Rotation 4 Timetable - 4th Year Child Health

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