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Cardiorespiratory virtual patient

Slides accompanying lecture exploring example case history, covering: chest pain; the autonomic nervous system; the ECG

Pompe's disease worksheet

Worksheet for genetics tutorial, using the Pompe's disease virtual patient

Virtual patient: Acromegaly and thyroid disorder

Case study - Mr and Mrs Roberts with pituitary tumours and hypothyroidism. This case draws on your understanding of endocrine anatomy and physiology. In particular you should be able to integrate the principle of thyroid hormone biosynthesis, hormone action and physiological control.

Virtual patient: Bleeding in early pregnancy

Case study - Jenny Baxter with bleeding in early pregnancy.

Virtual patient: Intrauterine growth restriction

Case study - Susan Smith and the problem of fetal growth restriction

Virtual patient: development and growth failure in adolescence

Case study - Joe Green and development and growth failure in adolescence

Virtual patient: head and neck malformations

Case study - baby Gabriel with head and neck malformations

Virtual patient: hypertension

Case study - Eva Peron with hypertension

Virtual patient: lung infection

Case study - Rachel Okumba with lung infection

Virtual patient: pain

Case study - John Regan with chronic pain

Virtual patient: smoking and disease

Case study - Patrick Murphy with smoking and disease

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