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Acid base tutorial

Question sheet accompanying acid base tutorial for the Respiratory, Cardiovascular and Renal 2 module

Anatomy Tutorial - case studies

These are the 6 case studies along with the appropriate medical imaging, from the anatomy tutorial

Antibiotics case presentations - Questions

Antibiotics case presentations, accompanying pharmacology tutorial

Cytogenetic reports

Three sample cytogenetic reports, accompanying genetics tutorial

Head injury

Slides covering: principle types of lesions in head injury; extradural, subdural and intracerebral haematoma; surface contusions and brain lacerations; diffuse axonal injury (DAI); intracranial pressure (ICP)

Physiology tutorial - renal clearances

Question sheet accompanying physiology tutorial on renal clearances

Pompe's disease worksheet

Worksheet for genetics tutorial, using the Pompe's disease virtual patient

Renal clearances - additional examples

Additional questions accompanying physiology tutorial on renal clearances

Renal pharmacology tutorial - diuretics in heart failure

Question sheet accompanying renal pharmacology tutorial on diuretics

Reproductive pharmacology tutorial

Question sheet accompanying tutorial on oral contraceptives and drugs in pregnancy

Respiratory pharmacology tutorial

Question sheet accompanying tutorial on respiratory pharmacology

The Trip Pharmacology of GI

No description.

The operation: anaesthetics and other drugs commonly used during elective surgery

This tutorial on an elective surgical procedure brings together a number of drug groups covered in the Nervous & Locomotor courses 1 and 2, including General Anaesthetics, Opiates, Anti-Muscarinics, NMJ blockers, AChEsterase inhibitors, and BDZ sedatives.

Tutorial 4 - post-infective glomerulonephritis

Case study material for pathology tutorial

Tutorial on Parkinson's drugs and anti-psychotic drugs

Question sheet accompanying pharmacological tutorial

Tutorial on anti-depressants and anxiolytic

Question sheet accompanying pharmacology tutorial

Tutorial on neuromuscular junction (NMJ) pharmacology

Question sheet for pharmacology tutorial on the neuromuscular junction

Tutorial on pharmacology of COPD and smoking cessation

Question sheet accompanying pharmacology tutorial on COPD

Yr 1 Immunology tutorial - allergy

This tutorial was designed to allow students to explore their knowledge and cement their understanding around the basic immunology of an allergic reaction.

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