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Changing health behaviours

Slides accompanying psychology lecture looking at the behaviour change techniques that can be used to help people change a health habit such as smoking

Lung Cancer History and Investigations

Slides accompanying lecture using case histories to explore common presenting symptoms and signs of cancer; important aspects of a patient's history; the investigations currently used in the management of lung cancer

Lung cancer

Slides and notes accompanying pulmonary pathology lecture covering: risk factors; symptoms and signs of lung cancer; classification of lung tumours; non-small cell and small cell carcinomas; tumour spread; staging; relative survival rates

Lung cancer - treatment options

Slides detailing treatment options for lung cancer including surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitors, local treatments.

Lung cancer workshop - with a focus on the impact of smoking and health inequalities

Slides accompanying workshop looking at the impact of smoking on health, discussing: whether or not tobacco should be an illegal drug; the concept of stigma; the roles gender and class play in health inequalities

Palliative Care Lecture

Slides accompanying session by Maddy Thomson looking at what is meant by palliative care, who provides it, and commonly reported symptoms

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