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Antimicrobials BM4

Slides accompanying lecture on antimicrobials covering: antibiotic resistance mechanisms; the targets and drug groups of antimicrobials; the antimicrobial mechanism of action; examples of first line uses for specific drugs

Bacterial infection of the lung

Slides accompanying lecture on bacterial infection of the lung, looking at the clinical and microbiological diagnosis of pneumonia; its treatment and prevention; bacterial infection in chronic lung disease

Clinical features of respiratory infections

Slides accompanying lecture on the clinical features of respiratory infections, including pneumonia and TB

Definitions in lung disease

Definitions of the main groups of lung disorders

Introduction to infections

Lecture given by Professor Robert Read on bacteria as causes of disease

Introduction to pathogens and micro-organisms

Table summarising key information about and differences between viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Respiratory A&P recap

No description.

Respiratory tract infections glossary

Glossary of terms and abbreviations for respiratory infections

The subdivisions of lung volume

Diagram showing the subdivisions of the lung volume

The surgical sieve with respiratory examples

A method for helping you think of the possible underlying causes of any clinical condition

Tuberculosis: infection, diagnosis and treatment

Slides accompanying lecture on TB, covering its epidemiology; clinical spectrum; pathophysiology; investigating suspected cases and treatment principles

Understanding basic statistics

Slides accompanying session covering: Exposures and outcomes; Populations and samples; Hypothesis tests; P-values and confidence intervals; Descriptive statistics; Measures of association - continuous outcome variables and binary outcome variables; Prevalence and incidence

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