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Asthma symptoms and principles of management

Slides accompanying session on asthma, covering the principles of diagnosis and treatment

Definitions in lung disease

Definitions of the main groups of lung disorders

Describe the immunological changes occurring in asthma and how they result in the pathological changes seen

Notes describing intrinsic and extrinsic asthma; progression of the disease; t-cells in asthma; pathology

Inhaler technique - speed v resistance

Slides accompanying session on the technique for using a metered-dose inhaler (MDI)

Lung mechanics and the carriage of oxygen

Slides accompanying lecture covering: gas pressures and partial pressure; an overview of lung mechanics; oxygen carriage and delivery

Obstruction and Restriction Lecture

Lecture by C. Townsend


Slides by Claire Townsend Nov 2018

Pharmacology of asthma

Slides accompanying lecture on asthma relievers and preventers

Professionalism in practice: GMC standards

Slides accompanying lecture on the General Medical Council standards and guidance, and professionalism.

Respiratory Examination handout

Respiratory Examination handout to print out and bring on the day. Dr Jo Turner Nov 2019

Taking A Respiratory History

Handout for S Wimbush Session in Respiratory Week 1

The surgical sieve with respiratory examples

A method for helping you think of the possible underlying causes of any clinical condition

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