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Basic descriptive statistics and graphics

Slides accompanying session covering: concepts of descriptive statistics; the distribution of categorical and continuous data; describing a sample using appropriate descriptive statistics


No description.

Clinical research projects

No description.

Correlation and linear regression

Slides accompanying session covering: analysing data with two continuous variables; the concepts behind correlation; interpreting results from a correlation analysis

Diagnostic tests - comparing a measurement to a 'true' value or a 'Gold standard'

Slides accompanying session covering: diagnostic test methods; sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value (PPV), negative predictive value (NPV), likelihood ratios; ROC curve

Evidence based medicine in practice - Part 2

Slides accompanying lecture on Randomised Controlled Trials and Critical Appraisal

Finding Journal Articles with DelphiS, and Referencing

PowerPoint presentation for practical session on searching DelphiS and how to reference articles.

How to read and critically appraise a paper

Slides accompanying session providing an overview of how to read a paper, applying critical appraisal to understand and evaluate its content

Hypothesis testing and confidence intervals

Slides accompanying session on significance tests and confidence intervals (CIs)

Inclusivity and Diversity

No description.

Introduction to Medical Statistics: Part I

Why statistics is important, descriptive statistics for a continuous variable

Introduction to medical statistics

Slides accompanying session covering: hypothesis, study designs and statistical inference; types of variable; data checking; choosing an appropriate statistical test; analysing, reporting and interpreting statistical results

Introduction to study types and designs - quantitative and qualitative studies

Slides accompanying session introducing health research, comparing quantitative and qualitative methods, and overviewing main quantitative study designs and their uses

Introduction to the Research Project - BM5 and BM(EU)

Slides accompanying session introducing the Year 3 research project

Keys to Pass the Exam

No description.

Multiple Linear Regression

No description.

Qualitative research

No description.

Qualitative studies in research and clinical practice

Slides accompanying session on qualitative research methods

Quantitative measures in cross-sectional, cohort and case-control studies

Slides accompanying session covering: Prevalence; Incidence proportion; Incidence rate; Absolute risk difference; Relative risk; Odds ratio

Randomised controlled trials and cohort studies: design issues and their role in clinical practice

Slides accompanying session on randomised controlled trials (RCTs)

Referencing and academic integrity

Lecture slides accompanying session looking at the importance of correct referencing and the issues of academic integrity

Repeatability, reliability, validity: statistical methods for measurement studies

Slides accompanying session covering; validity; repeatability and reliability; statistical analysis; interpretation of results

Risk assessment template

No description.

Searching for academic literature

Slides accompanying session covering: subject resources; information gateways and databases; search strategies; medicine and evidence-based resources; using controlled vocabulary.

Statistics for agreement

No description.

Statistics for the terrified

Lecture slides accompanying session introducing Statistics for the Terrified eLearning package

Survival analysis and logistic regression

Slides accompanying session covering: survival methods; life tables; Kaplan-Meier curves; Cox regression; Logistic regression

Systematic review

No description.

Teaching and learning for RMH - session 1

Slides accompanying session on the theory of teaching and learning

Teaching and learning for RMH - session 2

Slides accompanying lecture on planning a teaching session

Tests for categorical outcome data

The Chi-squared test, Fisher's exact test, McNemar's test and Kappa

Tests for continuous outcome - parametric vs non-parametric methods

Slides accompanying session on tests for continuous outcome, including: one sample t test / Sign test or Wilcoxon signed ranks test; independent samples t test / Mann-Whitney U test; paired samples t test / Wilcoxon signed ranks test; analysis of variance (ANOVA) / Kruskal-Wallis test

Using information resources for evidence-based medicine

Resources from Medline, the Cochrane Library and NHS Evidence

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