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Cardiovascular disease: a risky business

Risk factors for cardiovascular disease

Introduction to Global Health

To introduce the variation in health experience between countries and Regions, the importance of social determinants, key bodies and sources of data on global health

Physical activity and health (part 1): Physical activity, is it worth getting out of bed for?

Evidence and mechanisms linking physical activity, fitness and health. Measurement dilemmas and recommendations for physical activity.

Physical activity and health (part 2): The Secrets to Getting Active

Trends in physical activity, barriers and enablers of change, interventions for individuals and populations

SSU1 Health Promotion, theories and practice

This lecture covers Health Promotion: theories, principles of practice and politics of improving health and well being

SSU1 Introductory lecture

Introduction to health promotion and SSU1

SSU1 Southampton Health Needs

Introduction to health needs assessment and key public health issues

SSU1/FoM Introduction to public health

Introduction to public health as part of SSU1/FoM

Vaccination in Public Health

Lecture slides to accompany vaccination in public health lecture

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