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Anti-depressant and mood stabilising drugs

Learning outcomes from this lecture: 1. describe indications for and phases of treatment of depressive illness 2. describe the mechanisms of action and properties of commonly used antidepressant drugs 3. summarise the potential benefits and risks of antidepressants 4. describe the indications for mood-stabilising drugs in treating patients with bipolar disorder 5. summarise the potential benefits and risks of mood stabilising drugs

Anxiolytic and hypnotic drugs

Learning outcomes are to be able to: 1. name classes of drugs used in insomnia and anxiety disorders 2. describe properties of commonly used drugs 3. summarise potential hazards of pharmacological treatments pharmacological and psychological treatments

Pharmacological management of alcohol withrawal

- Understand how people become physically dependent on alcohol - Know the major neurotransmitters involved - Be able to recognises alcohol withdrawal as a clinical presentation. - Understand the principles of treatment



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