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ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Content, links and reading about ADHD

ADHD Neurobiology

Neurobiology and ADHD

Admission under the mental health act (MHA)

Slides explaining why someone might be sectioned and who is involved

Alcohol: From Screening to dependence

Understand how to classify the harms of alcohol and other drugs

Anderson - Problem Determined Systems

Anderson - Problem Determined Systems Paper

Anderson - The Reflecting Team

Paper on reflecting teams.

Anti-depressant and mood stabilising drugs

Learning outcomes from this lecture: 1. describe indications for and phases of treatment of depressive illness 2. describe the mechanisms of action and properties of commonly used antidepressant drugs 3. summarise the potential benefits and risks of antidepressants 4. describe the indications for mood-stabilising drugs in treating patients with bipolar disorder 5. summarise the potential benefits and risks of mood stabilising drugs

Anxiety disorders - a neuro-cognitive perspective

Slides accompanying session on anxiety disorders, covering: factors involved in the aetiology and maintenance of anxiety disorders; neural correlates of cognitive bias in anxiety; pharmacological and psychological treatment effects

Anxiolytic and hypnotic drugs

Learning outcomes are to be able to: 1. name classes of drugs used in insomnia and anxiety disorders 2. describe properties of commonly used drugs 3. summarise potential hazards of pharmacological treatments pharmacological and psychological treatments

Assessment of Mental Capacity and Best Interest decisions

Assessment of Mental Capacity and Best Interest decisions

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the diagnostic criteria for ADHD; the main differential diagnoses of ADHD; the currently available treatment options

Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Brief description: 1. Psychiatric history of someone with suspected autism, with investigations; 2. How did the concept of Autism/ Asperger's syndrome come about? (background); 3. Diagnosis and Questions to Ask a patient; 4. Conditions Autism may be confused with; 5. Benefits of a diagnosis; 6. What next/ post-diagnosis.

Better Care Centre - SPL

Service Placement Leaflet (SPL) - The Better Care

Bhugra - Teaching Psychiatry Through Cinema

Classic Paper by an important author.

Bipolar affective disorder

Slides accompanying lecture on bipolar affective disorder (BPAD) covering: epidemiology and aetiology; presentation and diagnosis; challenges and management

Bulimia Session Outline - SSU

Session Outline for the Bulimia SSU - Sharing The Secret

Bursledon House, SGH Service Placement Leaflet (SPL)

Service Placement Leaflet for Bursledon House.

Byrne - Comments on Bhugra

Byrne's view on Bhugra's Paper.

CAMs assessment template

Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) shortened version worksheet. Adapted from Inouye SK el al. Clarifying Confusion: The Confusion Assessment Method A New Method for Detection of Delirium. Ann Intern Med. 1990: 113:941-8

Campbell - Mutiny and the Bounty

Campbell - Mutiny and the Bounty Paper

Cinema Education

Classic paper on learning through Cinema.


Information on Classification - ICD 10 and DSM

Conflict Resolution

Dealing with difficult situations including violence

Confusion in Older People

Elderly Care Seminar

Delirium Powerpoint

No description.

Dementia Plenary by Dr Osman-Hicks

Slides accompanying plenary covering: the epidemiology of dementia; diagnosis and cognitive tests for dementia; types of dementia; neuroimaging signs; key medication and management


Slides accompanying lecture on depression covering: the aetiology, presentation and management of depression; the bio-psycho-social model; the role of the psychiatrist and the multidisciplinary mental health teams


Slides accompanying lecture on depression, covering: types of depression; diagnosis; history taking; psychological and pharmacological treatment

Depression Cases

Dr S. Frye November 2016

Dirty, Filthy Love - OCD - Reading Material

Matieral for the SSU topic on OCD - Movie: Dirty, Filthy Love.

Eating Disorders - A Summary

Summary of Eating Disorders for the SSU

European Guidelines for ADHD

Guidelines for ADHD in Europe

Family Psychiatry - 2016 - Welcome Book

Guide to CAMHS - Family Psychiatry

Hardy Laszloffy - The Cultural Genogram

Hardy Laszloffy - The Cultural Genogram - Paper

ICD 10 - Criteria for Eating Disorders

This is the ICD Criteria for Eating Disorders

ISBAR Reporting Tool

No description.

Identification and brief advice for alcohol use disorders

Appreciate the epidemiology of alcohol use and misuse Know how to calculate units of alcohol Have some tools up your sleeve to help with screening for alcohol use disorders and assessment of alcohol withdrawal

Introduction to attachment

First lecture from the Biology of Human Relationships SBoM

Iris - Dementia SSU Reading Material

Set of 3 documents - Reading Material for SSU.

Jargon Buster for Students

List of commonly used acronyms

MHN Key Facts and Trends Factsheet

Mental Health Network Key Facts and Trends Factsheet.

Management in Psychiatry: ECT

describes the history, indications for use of and administration of ECT

Mental Health Nurse at College - SPL

Service Placement Leaflet (SPL) for the Itchen College Placement.

Mentally Disordered Offenders - John Kent & Santhana Gunasekaran

Article covering Mentally disordered detainees in the police station: the role of the psychiatrist.

Metabolism of alcohol

Slides accompanying lecture describing the basic biochemistry of alcohol metabolism

Mood Disorders

The aim of this lecture is to enable students: 1. To be able to define major depression and bipolar affective disorder 2. To be able to describe the natural history of mood disorders 3. To be able to describe some of the proposed aetiology of mood disorders 4. To relate the proposed neurobiology of mood disorders to your understanding of neurophysiology

Overview of ADHD - PPT

Powerpoint on the overview of ADHD

Overview of ADHD Paper

Overiew of ADHD Paper

Pain - Normal and Patho-Physiology

Exploring perceptions and experiences of pain

Pharmacological management of alcohol withrawal

- Understand how people become physically dependent on alcohol - Know the major neurotransmitters involved - Be able to recognises alcohol withdrawal as a clinical presentation. - Understand the principles of treatment

Professionalism in Medical Practice

Guidance on Professionalism

Psychological theories and therapies

a description of the different psychological theories

Risk assessment

Slides accompanying Psychiatry lecture

Services - Depression Risk Assessment

Presentation from Dr Gleeson

Sharing The Secret - Movie

This is a bio on the movie - Sharing The Secret

Systemic Theory in Medical Practice PowerPoint

Systemic Theory in Medical Practice PowerPoint.

TAC Clinic Information

Information for TAC Clinic.

Taking a Psychiatric History

Guidance on taking a Psychiatric History.

The biology of attachment

Second lecture from the Biology of Human Relationships SBoM

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