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Antenatal Care

No description.

Antenatal Care

Presentation given by Mrs K Revell

Antenatal Care (Nov 2018)

No description.

Antenatal care

Presentation by Dr Eman Al-Teman Dec 18

Assisted Delivery

No description.

Congenital Screening

Congenital Screening - including screening and fetal morbidity and mortality

Gametogenesis to implantation

Slides accompanying lecture on gametogenesis, fertlisation and implantation Dec 18

Growing a baby Nutrition in Pregnancy

Lecture slides from Dr Miles within Growing a Baby Symposium

Gynae Case Based Discussion 2016

Slides describing history-taking, examination and investigations for a gynaecological case study

Hypertension in Pregnancy

No description.

Immunology of Pregnancy

No description.

Maternal Physiology

No description.

Midwives presentation to BM4 Yr 1 students Oct 17

An overview of pregnancy and the management of normal labour

Normal Labour

Presentation by Emma Gibson-Ellis

Normal birth

Slides accompanying lecture outlining the physiology of normal birth, and explaining how midwives facilitate normal birth and create a positive birth experience

Obstetric History Taking 2

Lecture by Dr Shah

Operative Delivery

No description.

Physical changes during pregnancy

Presentation by Mrs K Revell Dec 18

Physiological adaptations at birth

Slides accompanying lecture covering: birth; intrauterine life; foetal and neonatal circulation; the first breath; renal and other systems; jaundice and neonatal resuscitation

Physiological changes fetus to newborn

Presentation to Dr C Kirwin Dec 18

Placental anatomy and function

Slides accompanying lecture covering: what the placenta does; placental structure at term; placental development; how the placenta functions as a barrier; how nutrients are transported across the placental barrier; how placental hormones change maternal physiology

The Puerperium

No description.

The placenta

Presentation by Emma Gibson-Ellis December 2019

Timeline of pregnancy Oct 17

Part of midwives presentation

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