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Adaptations to extra uterine life at birth

Slides accompanying lecture introducing neonatology, on the transition from fetal to extra uterine life

Antepartum haemorrhage (1)

No description.

Asthma in pregnancy

Slides accompanying ICE on lung diseases, looking at the effect of pregnancy on asthma and the diagnosis and management of asthma

Birth experience

Slides accompanying lecture on birth experience

Cervical Cancer

No description.

Clincial approaches to infertility

Slides accompanying session on the causes and treatments for subfertility

Clinical assessment of the gynaecology patient

Slides accompanying lecture on a gynaecological clinical assessment, covering history taking, examination, investigations and a case-based discussion

Clinical problems in early pregnancy

Slides accompanying lecture

Clinical problems in late pregnancy

Slides accompanying lecture.

Congenital Screening

Congenital Screening - including screening and fetal morbidity and mortality

Diabetes in pregnancy

No description.

Dysmenorrhoea Presentation

Presentation by Mrs K Revell Nov 2018

Embryonic development

Two-part illustrated chart describing embryonic development from 4 days to 55 days

Endometrial Cancer

No description.

Fertilisation and early embryo development

Slides accompanying symposium on the establishment of pregnancy, describing the process of fertilisation and early embryo development from day 1 to day 6

Fetal development

Two-part illustrated chart describing foetal development from 7½ weeks onwards

From embryo to pregnancy

Slides accompanying symposium on the establishment of pregnancy

Gametogenesis to implantation

Slides accompanying lecture on gametogenesis, fertlisation and implantation Dec 18

Growing a baby: Fetal growth, maternal adaptations (sections by Dr Poore)

Slides accompanying 'Growing a baby' symposium, covering: maternal adaptations to pregnancy, fetal growth and its regulation; measuring fetal growth and its significance

Gynae Case Based Discussion 2016

Slides describing history-taking, examination and investigations for a gynaecological case study

Gynae history taking reviews by ARC june15

How to take a gynaecological history from a patient

Maternal Mortality

No description.

Maternal mortality - world wide and UK

Slides accompanying lecture discussing the definitions, distribution, causes and prevention of maternal mortality


No description.

Menopause Presentation

Presentation by Mrs K Sargant 2015, covering: the definition and pathophysiology; chronic conditions affecting PM health, HRT

Menstrual disorders

No description.

Midwives presentation to BM4 First year students Oct 2015

an overview of pregnancy and the management of normal Labour

Midwives presentation to BM4 Yr 1 students Oct 17

An overview of pregnancy and the management of normal labour

New technologies for achieving pregnancy

Slides accompanying symposium on the establishment of pregnancy, describing the IVF cycle (stimulation, oocyte retrieval, fertilisation and embryo culture, transfer, luteal phase support)

Normal & abnormal labour

No description.

Normal birth

Slides accompanying lecture outlining the physiology of normal birth, and explaining how midwives facilitate normal birth and create a positive birth experience

Obstetric and gynaecology history taking

How to take a history in obstetrics and gynaecology

Ovarian Cancer

This presentation has been modified by Mr G Pearson Sept 2018

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

No description.

Physiological adaptations at birth

Slides accompanying lecture covering: birth; intrauterine life; foetal and neonatal circulation; the first breath; renal and other systems; jaundice and neonatal resuscitation

Physiology and pharmacology of labour

Slides accompanying lecture discussing: the process of labour; control of uterine activity; how the fetus matures in readiness for life after birth; pain relief during labour

Placental function

Slides accompanying 'growing a baby' symposium, discussing the role of the placenta; placental development and structure; placental function as a nutrient transporter and as a barrier

Postpartum haemorrhage

No description.

Premature labour symposium: Neonatal perspective

Slides accompanying symposium on premature labour


No description.

Prenatal diagnosis

Slides accompanying symposium on the establishment of pregnancy

Preterm Labour Symposium_Case study presentation

Attached is a case study presentation which we will go through at the end of the preterm labour symposium. It is a case scenario which brings together the various aspects of the symposium. Students can attempt to answer the questions prior to attending the symposium and/or complete during the symposium.

Preterm labour symposium: obstetric component

Slides accompanying symposium on preterm labour

The Puerperium

No description.

The menopause

Slides accompanying lecture on the menopause, covering: menopause symptoms; osteoporosis; hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

Timeline of pregnancy Oct 17

Part of midwives presentation

Uterovaginal prolapse

No description.

Virtual patient: Bleeding in early pregnancy

Case study - Jenny Baxter with bleeding in early pregnancy.

Virtual patient: Intrauterine growth restriction

Case study - Susan Smith and the problem of fetal growth restriction

Vulval Cancer

No description.

When early pregnancy goes wrong

Slides accompanying symposium on the establishment of pregnancy, on complications of early pregnancy related to implantation and the early development of the embryo and placenta

Year 4 Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Introduction and overview for the O & G placement in the Year 4 O&G/GUM module

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