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Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Brief description: 1. Psychiatric history of someone with suspected autism, with investigations; 2. How did the concept of Autism/ Asperger's syndrome come about? (background); 3. Diagnosis and Questions to Ask a patient; 4. Conditions Autism may be confused with; 5. Benefits of a diagnosis; 6. What next/ post-diagnosis.

Brain homeostasis and intracranial pressure

Slides accompanying lecture covering: brain homeostasis; the structure, function and permeability of the blood brain barrier (BBB); autoregulation of intracranial pressure (ICP); the causes, pathophysiology and management of raised ICP

Brainstem and cranial nerve anatomy

Slides accompanying lecture on the anatomy of the brainstem and the cranial nerves

Cases: the motor system

Clinical neurology localisation using cases

Cases: the sensory system

Clinical neurology localisation using cases

Cerebrovascular disease - neuroradiology

Slides accompanying ICE session on cerebrovascular diseases

Cerebrovascular diseases - neuroradiology

Slides accompanying SBoM on cerebrovascular diseases

Common patterns of abnormal sensation

Clinical neurology localisation


Slides accompanying lecture on consciousness, covering: the medical definition and anatomy of consciousness and sleep; the pathological basis of impaired consciousness; the Glasgow Coma Scale; the criteria for brain death

Cranial nerve anatomy and application

Lecture by Dr A Oswell 2018

Cranial nerve examination

Handout by Dr Sue Frye


Slides accompanying lecture on epilepsy, covering: classification and diagnosis; medical and surgical managemenr of epilepsy; common problems in epilepsy

HHFT Causes of Developmental Delay and How to Investigate

Dr Porter's Talk on an approach to developmental delay, looking at how to investigate and think about a child with developmental delay

Headache - differential diagnosis, mechanisms, management

Slides accompanying lecture covering primary headaches including: tension headache, migraine and cluster headache; and secondary headaches including: raised intracranical pressure; vascular headaches; meningitis or encephalitis; giant cell arteritis

How to take a neurological history

Slides by Dr Sue Frye

ICU management of severe head injuries

Slides accompanying symposium on traumatic brain injury

Intracranial pressure and space occupying lesions

Slides accompanying lecture covering: types, effects and clinical signs of space occupying lesions; causes, measurement and treatment of raised intracranial pressure (ICP)

Localisation handout

Clinical neurology localisation - key features

Locomotor disorders - neuromuscular perspectives

Slides accompanying lecture describing disorders of the motor unit

Management of acute Stroke

Slides from Dr Richard Marigold

Multiple sclerosis

Slides accompanying lecture on the pathology, diagnosis, treatment and management of MS

Multiple sclerosis: focus on immunology

Slides accompanying symposium on relapse of autoimmune disease


Slides accompanying spinal cord lecture covering compressive (surgical) and non-compressive (medical) myelopathies

Myelopathies - case histories

Cases to be studied ahead of the lecture on myelopathies

Neurointensive Care Lecture 2016 - Dr Andy Eynon

Slides accompanying lecture given by Dr Eynon to BM5 Yr4 Students.

Neurological examination

Slides accompanying lecture on carrying out a physical examination of the peripheral nervous system

Neurology 2015/16

Introduction to Neurology Lecture

Neurorehabilitation after stroke

Slides accompanying SBoM on cerebrovascular diseases

Parkinson's disease and movement disorders

Slides accompanying tremor symposium, covering: common movement disorders; clinical features of Parkinson's disease (iPD); diseases the can be confused with iPD; treatments for iPD

Parkinson's disease and movement disorders

Slides accompanying lecture covering: common movement disorders; clinical features of Parkinson's disease (iPD); treatments available

Parkinsonism - Dr Boyd Ghosh - September 2016

Neurology Consultant Seminar

Peripheral neurological examination

A guide to peripheral neurological examination written by a student

Science into practice: Neurology cases 1

Slides accompanying lecture exploring neurology cases, covering: descending motor pathways; ascending sensory pathways; autonomic nervous system; history taking and examination; upper and lower motor neurone lesions

Speech and language

Slides accompanying lecture on speech and language problems, covering: dysphonia; dysarthria; dysphasia; conduction aphasia; transcortical sensory aphasia; progressive aphasias


Slides accompanying SBoM on cerebrovascular diseases

Sudden onset headache and subarachnoid haemorrhage

Slides accompanying SBoM on cerebrovascular diseases

The confused patient

Slides accompanying ICE on ageing and dementia, looking at assessment, diagnosis and management for delirium

The neurological examination

Slides describing how to carry out a neurological examination, assessing mental state, cranial nerves, upper and lower limbs

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