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Assessing weight status and how weight status relates to disease risk

Assessing weight presentation from Obesity Week November 2016

BMI information

BMI information from Obesity Week

Brief introduction to public health and epidemiology

Slides accompanying lecture covering: an overview of public health; how epidemiology is used in clinical practice; different types of prevention; the requirements of an effective screening programme

Glucose homeostasis

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the mechanism for maintaining glucose homeostasis and its relationship with lipid metabolism and insulin resistance; the physiological changes in diabetic ketoacidosis; how glucose is taken up into cells

Introduction to Metabolism

No description.

Somatic nervous system

Slides accompanying lecture on the somatic nervous system, covering: histology; organisation of the nervous system; reflex arc; spinal nerve.

Weight Assessment 2015

International Standards for Anthropometric Assessment for measuring body mass, stature, waist, hip. Uploaded November 2015

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