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2019 Case presentation

2019 Case presentation

Cancer and ageing

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the use of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery and hormone therapy in the treatment of cancer; basic epidemiology of cancer; considerations when treating the elderly; management of breast cancer

Case summary, assessment and management

Slides accompanying SBoM on ageing and dementia, looking at the assessment and management of an example case

Community Geriatrics

Elderly Care Seminar

Dementia Plenary by Dr Osman-Hicks

Slides accompanying plenary covering: the epidemiology of dementia; diagnosis and cognitive tests for dementia; types of dementia; neuroimaging signs; key medication and management

Diagnosis in older people is complex: tools for your FY1 year

Slides accompanying SBoM session, looking at what clinicians need to know about ageing and dementia

Falls and Fractures

Elderly Care Seminar

Falls in the elderly

Falls in the elderly by Dr Gail Loudon, Clinical Falls Lead for RHCH AWHH.

Long-term care

Slides accompanying geronotology lecture looking at disability in older people and options for long-term care

Mature person: case scenario

Slides describing the examination, history, investigations, diagnosis and treatment for a case study of an older patient who has had a fall

Medicine for older people

Slides accompanying final year revision session

Neurology 2015/16

Introduction to Neurology Lecture

Nutrition in the elderly

Slides accompanying lecture introducing the principal nutritional issues associated with ageing

Parkinson's Disease

Elderly Care Seminar

Perils of bed rest

2019 slides by Dr Stephen Lim

Physiology and pathology of ageing

Slides accompanying lecture on the physiology of ageing and consequences of the physiological changes with ageing

Physiology of ageing

Slides accompanying Ageing and Dementia SBoM, looking at the physiology of ageing and the consequences of physiological changes with ageing

Promoting Continence

Elderly Care Seminar

Sarcopenia & Frailty

Elderly Care Seminar

Sarcopenia: causes and consequences

Slides accompanying SBoM session on ageing and dementia, covering: what sarcopenia is and why it matters; what causes it and how it is diagnosed; the consequences of sarcopenia; prevention and management

The confused patient

Slides accompanying ICE on ageing and dementia, looking at assessment, diagnosis and management for delirium

Under nutrition in older people

Slides accompanying ICE on Ageing and Dementia

Unhealthy ageing

Slides accompanying lecture on the pathology of ageing, covering the concept of frailty and the distinction between age-related impairments and pathological processes common in later life

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