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Anti-depressant and mood stabilising drugs

Learning outcomes from this lecture: 1. describe indications for and phases of treatment of depressive illness 2. describe the mechanisms of action and properties of commonly used antidepressant drugs 3. summarise the potential benefits and risks of antidepressants 4. describe the indications for mood-stabilising drugs in treating patients with bipolar disorder 5. summarise the potential benefits and risks of mood stabilising drugs

Anxiolytic and hypnotic drugs

Learning outcomes are to be able to: 1. name classes of drugs used in insomnia and anxiety disorders 2. describe properties of commonly used drugs 3. summarise potential hazards of pharmacological treatments pharmacological and psychological treatments

Arthritis by Dr Karen Walker-Bone

Slides accompanying plenary

Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Brief description: 1. Psychiatric history of someone with suspected autism, with investigations; 2. How did the concept of Autism/ Asperger's syndrome come about? (background); 3. Diagnosis and Questions to Ask a patient; 4. Conditions Autism may be confused with; 5. Benefits of a diagnosis; 6. What next/ post-diagnosis.

COPD symposium

Slides accompanying symposium on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

COPD treatment and exacerbations

Slides accompanying symposium on Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

COPD: achieving a good life after diagnosis - a patient perspective

Slides accompanying plenary exploring a patient's perspective on life with a chronic disease, and reflecting on ways that health care professionals can optimise care and support for those with COPD in the community

Cardiovascular disease: a risky business

Risk factors for cardiovascular disease

Chronic kidney disease

Slides accompanying lecture covering: what CKD is and why it is important; diagnosing CKD; complications including renal bone disease, renal anaemia and acidosis and electrolyte disturbances

Downs week screening pre course material

work sheet and resources

Evidence summary sheet for strictly hypertension session

To Download or printout in advance for use on the day

Hypertension - clinical assessment and management

Presentation by Dr Jo Turner Jan 19

Hypertension cases please download/print and bring see slides 40-46 of lecture

Hypertension cases, alternatively see slides 40-46 of lecture. Please download/print in either format and bring for discussion on the day

Liaison Psychiatry Older Adult

Lecture slides for Case 5: Pain and medication use in the elderly

Mental Health Problems in people with Long term Physical Conditions

Some facts and figures around links between long term physical health problems and mental health conditions

Mood Disorders

The aim of this lecture is to enable students: 1. To be able to define major depression and bipolar affective disorder 2. To be able to describe the natural history of mood disorders 3. To be able to describe some of the proposed aetiology of mood disorders 4. To relate the proposed neurobiology of mood disorders to your understanding of neurophysiology

Parkinson's Disease

Elderly Care Seminar

Physical activity and health (part 1): Physical activity, is it worth getting out of bed for?

Evidence and mechanisms linking physical activity, fitness and health. Measurement dilemmas and recommendations for physical activity.

Physical activity and health (part 2): The Secrets to Getting Active

Trends in physical activity, barriers and enablers of change, interventions for individuals and populations

Psychological adjustment in multiple sclerosis

Slides accompanying lecture on psychological adjustment to living with chronic illness, looking at multiple sclerosis

Sarcopenia & Frailty

Elderly Care Seminar

Strictly hypertension

Evidence based medicine and how it has shaped clinical management

Why the biopsychosocial model matters, and how patients can help

Slides accompanying 'From medical student to patient' lecture

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