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4th year Child Health module

Introduction and overview for Year 4 Child Health module, looking at the aims, structure and assessment of the module

Adaptations to extra uterine life at birth

Slides accompanying lecture introducing neonatology, on the transition from fetal to extra uterine life

Allergy: a long term condition of childhood

Slides accompanying plenary on allergy in children

Burns 4: children with burn injuries; electrical burns

Slides accompanying SBoM on burns, looking at the specific management of burns for children, and electrical burns

Congenital heart disease

Slides accompanying lecture on congenital heart disease, describing ventricular septal defect and transposition of great vessels.

Developmental Psychology

Slides from Developmental Psychology lecture

Excess weight gain in childhood

Slides accompanying lecture on childhood obesity and its consequences


Slide accompanying SBoM on paediatric orthopaedics

HHFT 4th Year Paediatrics Week 1 History and Examination Introduction

Slides to accompany a general introduction to the issues that present when taking histories, examinaing and investigation children

HHFT Causes of Developmental Delay and How to Investigate

Dr Porter's Talk on an approach to developmental delay, looking at how to investigate and think about a child with developmental delay

HHFT Paediatric CEL introduction

This is the talk we are using in HHFT - it does not cover the Safeguarding side of things, and is an introduction to the problems we encounter more commomnly in Paediatrics

HHFT Paediatric Nephrology Guidelines

This document contains everything that is covered in the Nephrology Teaching we do in the Week 2 Seminar and in Week8

HHFT Paediatrics - BLS

No description.

HHFT Paediatrics - More advanced approaches

This is a larger presentation, covering an approach to the problems of acute paediatrics, shock, sepsis, resuscitation and decisions about when to stop. Some but not all of these slides are used in week 1

HHFT Safeguarding Teaching

Teaching session developed by Dr Haywood for HHFT Foundation doctros, adapted for 4th year session

HHFT Safeguarding Teaching Notes

These are the notes to accompany the teaching delivered in week 1 of the HHFT 4th Year Paediatrics module

HHFT notes on Nephro topic and febrile child theme

These are the notes to accompany the talk, generally given in week 2

HHFT the pale child

No description.

Health promotion

Slides accompanying lecture covering the key features of the Health Child Programme and key areas of health promotion


Case presentation for a child with high blood pressure.

Linear growth

Slides accompanying lecture on normal and abnormal growth

Non-accidental injury

Slides accompanying SBoM on paediatric orthopaedics

Paediatric Nephrology HHFT lecture

Introduction to Paediatric Nephrology

Paediatric hip pathology

Slides accompanying SBoM on paediatric orthopaedics

Paediatric orthopaedics

Slides accompanying lecture on paediatrics relating to the locomotor and nervous systems

Paediatric trauma

Slides accompanying SBoM on paediatric orthopaedics

Presentation on Dietetic Support for Paediatrics

Presentation on Dietetic Support for Paediatrics by Michelle Simpson and Alison Sheltrum


Slides accompanying lecture on puberty

The limping child

Slides accompanying SBoM on paediatric orthopaedics

The paediatric foot

Slides accompanying SBoM on paediatric orthopaedics


Discussion of UTI in children

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