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Acute MI

Slides accompanying lecture on myocardial infarction

CVS examination handout

Please print out/ download and bring to session for note taking if you wish

CVS risk, Who do you think you are?

A session aimed to give an idea of how the practice of 'Evidence based Medicine' shapes clinical practice

Cardiac Rehabilitation

No description.

Cardiac revision case

Slides and notes for cardiac case covering: history taking and presentation techniques; cardiac examination; formulating a differential diagnosis and management plan; interpreting and present ECG findings


Slides to accompany Hypertension Plenary

Cardiology revision for finals

Slides accompanying finals revision session

Cardiovascular Pathology

Lecture slides

Cardiovascular disease: a risky business

Risk factors for cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular examination for Beginners

Introduction to clinical examination and the construction of how to elicit a history and perform a clinical examination of the cardiovascular system

Case History 4 Model Answers

CP tutorial Case 4

Coronary Artery Disease-Invasive Therapy

A brief description of the treatment options used for the treatment of stable angina and myocardial infarction


Slides accompanying cardiology SBoM, exploring a case presentation and focusing on endocarditis

HHFT the pale child

No description.

Heart Sounds handout

Heart Sounds handout

Hypertension - clinical assessment and management

Presentation by Dr Jo Turner Jan 19

Hypertension cases please download/print and bring see slides 40-46 of lecture

Hypertension cases, alternatively see slides 40-46 of lecture. Please download/print in either format and bring for discussion on the day

Infective endocarditis and medical microbiology

Slides accompanying ICE on infective endocarditis, covering: epidemiology; microbiology diagnosis; antibiotic management; the OPAT service; antibiotic prophylaxis

Interpreting a 12-lead ECG

ECG Presentation slides by Kirstin Welsh and Ryan Goodland

Investigations for Coronary Artery Disease

First lecture for the CV Symposium

Medical Management of Coronary Artery Disease

This is part of the lecture series for the CV symposium

Positive Inotropes (and Vasopressors)

A lecture to introduce some of the commoner drugs used clinically to manipulate the cardiovascular system and their mode of action

Presentation on Stable Angina and Myocardial Infarction

Presentation outlining presentation, investigations and treatment of the full spectrum of coronary artery disease

Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease 2021

Presentation by Dr. Turner 2021.

The role of the surgeon in infective endocarditis

Slides accompanying SBoM on infective endocarditis, covering: indications and timing of surgery; principles of surgery; mortality and survival

Videos for Stable Angina and MI Presentation

Angiograms for Stable angina, STEMI, and NSTEMI

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