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GALS - gait, arms, legs, spine

Slides explaining GALS screening examination

History taking and GALS Lecture

Clinical assessment of the musculoskeletal system lecture from Dr S Frye 2019

Knee and elbow

Slides accompanying session covering: the structure and function of the knee and elbow; cubital and popliteal fossa; dermatomes and peripheral nerve distribution; myotomes

Muscle and innervation 1

Slides accompanying session covering: the micro and macroscopic structure of muscle; the sarcomere; the brachial and lumbrosacral plexuses

Overview of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis

Slides accompanying session comparing the clinical and radiographic features of RA and OA; the presentation and management of RA and OA, and the role of the MDT in managing RA

Pathology and pathogenesis of arthritis

Self-study module giving an overview of the pathogenesis and pathology of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Recognition of self from non-self

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the function of T-cells; how antigens are processed and presented to T-cells; how T-cells recognise foreign antigens; how they know to respond only to these


Slides to accompany Rheumatology Lecture given by Dr Emma Williams at RHCH

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