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Behaviours that can be challenging within an acute setting

Slides accompanying lecture describing behaviours shown by dementia patients and how to respond

Bones, muscles and falls

Slides accompanying lecture on osteoporosis and falls prevention

Dementia screening

Slides accompanying lecture covering: recent changes in screening; screening from a patient's perspective; comparing screening tools; the effects of screening on a patient and their family

Dementias and mild cognitive disorder

Slides accompanying lecture on dementia and MCI, covering: epidemiology; risk and genetics; differential diagnoses; assessment; types of dementia; management

Diagnosis & Medical Management of Dementia

Presentation given by Larissa Ryan

Drugs for Parkinsonism

Slides accompanying lecture on the drugs used to treat Parkinson's disease

Falls in the elderly

Falls in the elderly by Dr Gail Loudon, Clinical Falls Lead for RHCH AWHH.

Hip and shoulder

Slides accompanying lecture on the anatomy of the hip and shoulder, covering: the structure and function of synovial joints; the axilla and femoral triangle; the brachial and lumbosacral plexuses

Interactive discussion - dementia and delirium

Slides accompanying discussion of case presentation, comparing dementia and delirium

Learning and memory

Slides accompanying lecture covering: key psychological theories of learning and how these are relevant to treating and managing health conditions; key research findings regarding human memory, and the implications for students, doctors and patients.

Long-term care

Slides accompanying geronotology lecture looking at disability in older people and options for long-term care

Mature person: case scenario

Slides describing the examination, history, investigations, diagnosis and treatment for a case study of an older patient who has had a fall

Parkinson's disease and movement disorders

Slides accompanying lecture covering: common movement disorders; clinical features of Parkinson's disease (iPD); treatments available

Pathology of ageing and dementia

Slides accompanying lecture looking at how the brain changes with age and dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease and Huntingdon's disease

Social aspects of ageing

Slides accompanying gerontology lecture on population ageing; the impact of longer life expectancy; changing working and family lives

The genetic and cellular basis of ageing

Slides accompanying lecture on the mechanisms of ageing; longevity genes; how genes influence ageing; syndromes of premature ageing. Also two papers for further reading.

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