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Formative Finals MCQ Examination

Formative Finals MCQ Examination

This is a short "taster" MCQ exam using single best answer questions similar to those used in finals. the MSC-AA retain the copyright to all items in their bank including these. Most cannot be published but these questions have been authorised for publication. We have therefore formatted it into a shortened Mock finals MCQ exam. Students are encouraged to use this resource placing themselves under exam conditions in the first instance and timed as per the rubric on the first page. Having done so they may then review the answers in the separate document also provided and authorized for publication to students, which includes a justification for the answers. While the Faculty is authorized to publish this to Final year students Students are not authorized to share the resource more widely.

Added By: Dr Bruce Mcmanus
Date: 04 Jan 2018 11:53
Creators: Bruce Mcmanus, Olly Donnelley
Programme & Year: BM5/BM(EU) Y5
Module: Year 5 Assessment
License: Copyright: University of Southampton